YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the internet and everyone wants to have their own videos on YouTube. If you are looking to upload your video, here is a quick and easy guide which will surely help you. Youtube can also choose in the Dark Mode Youtube, get to know more info on upload video on Youtube from here.

Let us learn how to upload video on YouTube?

Step 1: Create a Gmail account:youtube wiki

Currently, YouTube wiki is accessed with a Gmail account, so the first step will be to register a new account. If you already have one, you can skip step 3 directly.

You go to Google and click on Gmail, top right. Once there you will click where it says “Create account”.

A window will appear where you will have to fill in the data correctly. Enter your name, surname, enter a new email address, a password, indicate when you were born, the sex and add or a mobile phone or an alternative email address.

Once you have everything click on “Next” and you will have created your Gmail account.

Step 2: Configure YouTube Channel:upload youtube videos

Logged in with your new Gmail account, access YouTube and check that the upload video button appears.

Upload videos to YouTube:

If you want your channel to have a company name different from your own, click on the option that appears. It will take you to a new page where you can type the desired name. To Get the Youtube License, need to follow the procedure in youtube terms and conditions.

Once you have it simply click on OK and you will have your new YouTube channel.

Step 3: Upload your first video:how to upload video on youtube

Now, you can upload our first video to the YouTube Upload platform. Click on the “Upload” button in the upper right corner that you saw before and the following page.

Simply click on the square where the gray arrow is or drag your video file over it. The video will automatically start uploading while you are shown a small basic configuration screen.

Step 4: Basic video configuration:youtube studio

While the video uploaded and processed, you must fill in the following fields:

Title: Write a flashy but concise title that describes in a very summary way what the video is about.

Description: Write a description of your video, feel free to put what you want. The longer the text is, the better it will help you to find more people. Use synonyms to not always repeat the same keywords.

Tags: Write the keywords that best describe your video.

Of course, if you want the video to be seen by everyone, leave the privacy option in “Public”.

This is the basic configuration that you should implement in each and every one of the videos that you upload.

Step 5: Choose miniature:youtube license

When the video was uploaded completely we can choose the thumbnail that we like or that most represent the content. It will appear below the basic options.


In short, it is not that difficult to upload a video to a YouTube channel but it can confuse the most novices. The advanced options and the configuration of the channel are more complex, so we will leave that topic for another entry.

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