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Why should you hire us for your events?

“We at AV production Toronto are masters of delivering the best in the industry.”

We have very efficient customer service skills and are always prompt and active in delivery. Here We have great detailing of work and conquer every challenge put in front of us. The AV production team believes in creativity and can make any client concept into reality. We are experts at tradeshows, corporate events, festivals, and conferences. At AV Production we conduct big, small, and medium-sized events and are highly professional and have excellent technical facilities and staff. Here We are very professional and accommodating to the needs and timelines of our clients.

“We always come up with unique and exciting features for events that become the talk of the town for a long time”.

 We provide the best price rate in the market that is affordable to all. Our equipment is up to date and we are very good at explaining to our customers the usage of our onsite equipment, taken for rentals.

AV production team likes to be impeccable and organizes Pre-Event Meetings and perform on-site checks before we start the program or event.”

We are extremely careful about handling any complicated projects and our account logistics are perfectly managed by our relentless team. Being very particular about our work we underdo timely warehouse test runs and keep backup of gear and staff.

What are some of the exciting events conducted by us?
 Organizing Conferences

We at AV Production have an excellent pre-production setup for organizing conferences.

“Our conducted conferences help people learn, connect and communicate”.

We give advice for room layouts, video content designs for presentations, and digital 3D rendering. Our conferences are executed perfectly to see that the guests can focus on the content being displayed and focus on the keynotes.

Organizing Trade Shows

The whole point of trade shows is to capture the attention of potential customers and market your products well.AV production helps facilitate the promotion of your products with fantastic LEDs, TV screens, Touch and 3D content, Laser projectors, and attractive lighting and decor.

Renting of LED and LCD Video Wall

We provide IP65 panels which are of size 7mm and 5mm. They are outdoor rated and also have an ultra-high resolution. They also have indoor products of size 4mm and 2mm. These LED/LCD video wall panels output around 281 trillion colors and give the user a rich and lifelike visual experience.

Renting of Audio-Visual Equipment

AV Production Company provides long term and short-term equipment rentals that are clean and reliable. We provide rentals for schools, churches, corporate clients, private events, non -profit organizations, and many other events.


Our projection-mapping technology helps provide a serene escape for clients by creating illusionary experiences like sweet animal sounds, breeze sounds, lifelike flowers, and sunshine. This converts a typical boring business-like event into an exciting event. The mapping can cast audio and video content on an irregular or flat surface. “Our hi-tech projectors make any regular show extraordinary by creating visually transforming illusions into absolute reality.” This improves the engagement and interactivity of the audience.

Our Clients

AV Productions always believe in having a good client relationship and delivering excellent event services.

“We at AV Production deliver the best service at the best rates.”

We focus on flawless execution of events, providing the best AV solutions across Canada and North America. Our team is very detail-oriented and always has quick onsite solutions. Some of the many clients we work with are as follows.

  • American Standard
  • Air Canada
  • BMW
  • LCBO
  • McMichael
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Nestle
  • Milton
  • Norr
  • Niagra Parks

Our audio-video production house is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. For any inquiries, you can contact us on their webpage and we also have a toll free number.

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