YTS.AG is the largest publisher of film torrents on the internet. These anonymous and mysterious heroes make it a hobby that you can watch all your favorite films in HD for free.

If you have downloaded torrents then the name YTS must have passed your eyes. The popular film release group cannot be ignored from the illegal torrent websites and has been the most wanted term on the torrent search engines for two years in a row (2013 and 2014). In addition, their own site is among the top ten most visited torrent sites worldwide (their site attracts hundreds of millions of visitors per month). Whether you go to KickassTorrents or to the Pirate Bay, YTS.AG is

First a little relevant background:

YTS does so many new things. It all started in 2005 with aXXo, which became immensely popular online by releasing free DVDs with a small and consistent file format – 700 MB, the size of a CD. When aXXo cut it off in 2009, “See ya”, he left a gap in the world of mainstream torrent downloader’s. A year later the user appeared YTS online which filled this gap in the market again.

In 2011 he was well known for his own site and took over the virtual torch as the popular movie releaser on the internet. YTS delivers popular films in very small formats and attaches great importance to consistency and reliability. Always HD: 720p or 1080p. If you download from YTS you know you’re in good shape.

YTS itself retired but luckily this did not mean the end of his digital domination. The team with which YTS had worked all those years continued to maintain the name and website and offered the same quality and content as YTS had done for all those

Despite the enormous popularity, YTS is at the bottom of the torrent ladder. They can best be compared to the company that makes the cans for Unox. They do not make the soup, they just take it. A huge elite and secret soup group called The Scene steals all the soup, warms it up and puts it on big soup servers.

The Scene then lets the soup rain from above on the plebs. YTS catches the soup rain, compresses it and stops it in the can. YTS creates easily digestible portions of soup for the masses. You can find them in every store and do not even have to warm them up.

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