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KickAss Torrents is one of the most visited torrent sites in the world. You may have heard of the Ukrainian Artem Vaulin, who at 30 is already the new # 1 enemy of the cultural industry. He is the brain behind the site KickAss Torrents, a directory of pirated torrent files embargoed by the US courts. The site is the 69th most accessed in the world with more than 50 million monthly visitors.

After the legal order, the servers voluntarily deactivated by the website team and Vaulin found and arrested in Poland by local police. Now, the authorities try to extradite the Ukrainian so that he can be tried in the USA.kickass

If you are out of the case, we have selected five things you should know about Valin and kickass tor so you do not get lost in the news.

There is no pirated file stored in the KickAss itself Torrents:

A torrent file does not contain a song, movie, or episode in a series. It contains instructions for your computer to collect small “pieces” of identical files available on many other users’ computers and “mount” an identical file on your machine. And it is this peculiarity that makes possible the operation of so many addresses of the type. Lawyers claim that the founders cannot held responsible for the legal status of the content that distributed using the technology. And that the sites are just directories.

That is, they do not store anything that infringes copyright. The accusers, on the other hand, say that assisting with the provision of illegal content would already constitute a criminal offense.

There are countless clones of the site popping up after it leaves the air:kickasstorrents

And it’s a good idea to watch out for them. Some are simply mirror-addresses, exact copies of KickAss Torrents (kat) that provide the same content. Others, however, are lures so that hackers can access private information on your computer. Creating copies of websites that make illegal content available often with bad intentions is a common practice even when the originals have not gone live.

KickAss Torrents grew because of the hunt for Pirate Bay:

kickasstorrents put on the air a long time ago, in November 2008. And had spent the last seven years or so out of the reach and eyes of justice. It became more popular right after a series of justice attacks on Pirate Bay, which used to the most sought-after address by anyone seeking illegal content.

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