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About GoGoAnime and KissAnime

GoGoAnime and KissAnime are websites that do not have any licenses. All the content that they offer is illegal. Like many other websites, GoGoAnime and KissAnime are sites that exist in a legal grey zone where a hosting website is not legally responsible for the content that they upload. However, this does not mean these kinds of websites cannot be down or closed for legal copyright reasons. The best way to enjoy content like music, movies, TV shows or Anime series, is to buy this content or get it legally. But if you are not able to this, these websites can be the solution to all your problems. Here are some things you need to know about GoGoAnime and KissAnime.


What happened to the KissAnime website?

KissAnime server has recently shut down. Some people have said that the servers have been taken down for uploading content but, this is not absolutely true because now, there is a new website called kissanime.io that works and has those contents that KissAnime had before. Servers usually are closed due to bugs, programming errors and illegal content (content that is copyrighted). Many people have had problems to access KissAnime. Also, this sort of website can be dangerous. Before accessing and enjoying the contents that these sites offer, remember to install a good Antivirus.

What business licenses should have sites like KissAnime and GoGoAnime to host anime content?

KissAnime, GoGoAnime, and similar websites do not have any licenses. These sites are not necessarily legal. However, you will not get in any kind of trouble while streaming your favorite Animes in these sites. Just be careful and make sure to not upload any illegal content regarding copyright or porn content.


Image Source: ww8.kiss-anime.me

What is GoGoAnime?

It is a Website that provides Internet users with Anime content. 1Movies is also one of the top movie’s websites also covers tv shows, Trending movies list with almost many categories like action, science & fiction, kids, war politics & many more.

Is GoGoAnime a legal anime streaming service?

It is not legal. They do not have the streaming rights for Anime. Nonetheless, legality mainly depends on the legal jurisdiction you are because in some places do not classify Anime as production quality content. There are other reasons why GoGoAnime is not legal, for example, this website has no monitored ads and they do not have subscription fees.

Image Source: www4.gogoanimes.tv

Are there alternatives to GoGoAnime and KissAnime?

Yes, you can watch Anime content on other websites. These are the best alternatives to GoGoAnime and KissAnime: anime show.tv, anime streams, animal and, Zonawibu, anime dreaming TV, Animeultima, and others.

GoGoAnime Website: https://www4.gogoanimes.tv

KissAnime Website: http://ww8.kiss-anime.me

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