Carfax Report Solution

How to get a free CARFAX report?

It is very difficult to find a CARFAX report for free but, there are other cheaper alternatives you can try. The alternatives we provide to you are approved by NMVTIS. You will decide which would be most useful to you. If you really want to get this kind of information, it is necessary reliable information. So, try to find out the most reliable alternative.

Free CARFAX Report

Carfax Report Solution

This is one of the biggest issues with buying a car, the feeling of fear of the unknown real status of the car. Probably, it looks nice outside. Nice painting and comfortable seat that makes you fall in love immediately. However, internal problems could be hard to see at first glance. That is why you need to know the history report of the car you are about to buy.

CARFAX report and VinAudit are the typical services that the car shoppers prefer, but at the end of the day, these alternatives are expensive. Prices can vary between 10 and 40 dollars. Fortunately, there are other options that supply vehicle history reports for free.

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Because of this information should be reliable for your security, it is practically impossible to find get a free CARFAX report. Sometimes cheap or free services are not what you need. There are lots of services related to the history report of cars and none of them is perfect. However, some of them are reliable and offer you some sort of guarantee. If they have missed something important, they find the way how to compensate you because everything is about your security and your money investment.

Each and every vehicle has a distinctive serial number. This is the 17- digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and it considers as a confidential password to the history of a car. History car report is important before you spent your money on a vehicle. Something that can help you at the moment you are buying a car is getting an independent mechanic to examine or inspect the vehicle before you buy a car.

Free CARFAX Services

Here are some ways how to get a free CARFAX report or at least for getting a cheaper service to know the status of the car:

  • National Motor Vehicle Title Information System: it contains information but it omits information about repair history.
  • VinAudit (4.99 dollars for 1 search)
  • VINsmart (6.95 dollars for 1 report)
  • CheckthatVIN (3.50 dollars for 1 report)
  • us – aka Auto Data Direct
  • EpicVIN: It offers discounts with coupon code
  • LemonChecks – aka MotoScoops (free report)

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