Xossip is basically an open source forum which is designed for the discussion. One can start a new topic over the website and have multiple discussions by different people. These individuals can be anyone from all over the world. All they would have to do is to make an account over the portal to post in the discussion which is going on.

A number of threads are already working over the portal. Each of these threads is discussing a particular topic. These topics can relate to recent events, computers, gaming, Technical and so on. One is free to express their opinion over this portal with others who are viewing the portal. Even it will help in getting an idea about the opinions of different people over a single portal.What is xossip

Status of Xossip Website

The first thing which one should be aware of is What is Xosip? Xossip is basically an online open-source platform for sharing information. As it is open source, it is having a limited capacity of simultaneous users who can log in over the website. This is limiting the capacity which website can hold simultaneously. Even there is a Xossip Wiki where people can contribute to the information shared over the portal.

Recently there has been an attack over the website which is resulting in overload over the portal. In that case, it will not be able to load for the people who are exceeding the number of simultaneous users which it permits. Attackers are overloading it without actual users which are leading to Xossip not working. One should be careful while accessing this kind of website.xossip wiki

Upon accessing the Xossip site might face some unwanted downloads. Even it might lead to some unwanted program getting installed into the system which provided by attackers. This will result in a danger to the user’s private information. It also important to have a proper hosting company as it also affecting the quality of the web hosting service which obtained from them. Keep your important information secure if you have accessed the Xossip portal recently.


Thus, we can say that due to either overload of the users or attack by some individuals, Xossip site is currently down. One can even experience some unexpected behavior in your device if you are accessing the site so one should keep their personal data safe. Try to avoid accessing the site until it gets back to its original form and being able to access with ease.

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