whatsapp status

WhatsApp status

WhatsApp is quite a popular messaging application used in today’s world for sharing information. It is giving power to the people to share this information at a lightning fast speed to the individual sitting at the other side of the planet too. This has led to the immense popularity of this messaging application among teenagers who are highly communicating with each other. Get to know more details about the Whatsapp Status from here.whatsapp message status

Many of the additional features added regularly to the WhatsApp. Status is one of them where an individual is sharing about his/her feelings with the people who are in their contact list. With this number of funny, creative, awkward or innovative WhatsApp Message status is also developed. All these are leading to an increase in popularity of this messaging app.

Strange WhatsApp Status used by people

We have discussed here a few of the strange status which used by a number of people in their status for WhatsApp.

1. If you can’t convince her then confuse her

– This status is a kind of WhatsApp love status which is depicted in a funny manner. The girl whom you convincing is not convinced then you told to confuse her in this status in a humorous manner to make people laugh.whatsapp love status

2. Good Morning… Let the Stress Begin

– It is making your day start with a little fun so that you can have a nice morning with a smile. Many people are using it on their status to provide this sense of humor to other individuals.

3. When nothing seems right… go left!!!

– Many situations exist in our life where we stuck in some situation and don’t know the solution to that. That situation represented in a funny way in this status by taking the second meaning of the word “right” as directed.status for whatsapp

4. Life is short, smile till you have teeth

– Even this status is describing the life and also converting it into a funny manner. One should keep smiling to have a smoother life, this is what described in this status.

5. There are no winners in life, Only Survivors.

– This particular status is depicting life as a journey where even if you win one battle. It doesn’t mean anything. It simply means that you have survived for being a part of the next one. Great meaning depicted by this status to make people aware to explore the struggles of life and move ahead.

Discussionhow to put whatsapp status

Thus, we can say that there is a number of creative and innovative statuses available for use. Each of these statuses is depicting the journey of life in a funny or humorous manner to make people realize its importance without sounding in a serious tone. It will result in a great impact on a large number of people who are going to read it.

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