All about 3D Printing & its features

all about 3d printing and its features

What is 3D Printing? 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a process of creating three-dimensional objects layer by layer from a digital model. This technology has gained popularity across various industries due to its versatility and ability to produce complex shapes with precision. Features of 3D Printing: 1. Layered Manufacturing: 3-D printing builds … Read more

what is visual designer

visual designer

A visual designer is a professional who is responsible for creating visually appealing and effective designs that communicate a message or tell a story. This can include designing logos, websites, advertisements, packaging, and other forms of visual communication. Visual Designers Use: Visual designers use a combination of typography, colour, imagery, and layout to create designs … Read more

What is free vector?

free vector

A free vector is a mathematical representation of a geometric object that has both magnitude and direction. It is commonly used in fields such as physics, engineering, and mathematics to describe the motion of objects, forces acting on them, and other physical phenomena. About Free Vectors: To write about free vectors without plagiarism, it is … Read more

what is digital design?

Digital Design

Digital design refers to the creation of visual content using digital tools and technologies such as computer software, digital drawing tablets, and other digital devices. It involves the use of various elements such as typography, images, and graphics to communicate a message or convey a specific aesthetic. Digital designers often work in fields such as … Read more

what is vector art?

Vector Art

Vector art is a type of digital art that is created using vector graphics software. Unlike raster graphics, which are made up of pixels, vector graphics are composed of mathematical formulas and geometric shapes that are defined by their properties such as size, colour, shape, and position. This means that vector art can be scaled … Read more

Settings icon

Settings icon

Setting icons are a type of vector art that can be used to indicate and modify various settings within an application or software. These icons are commonly used to provide users with a visual representation of various options or preferences that can be customized within the application. Examples of settings that may use icons include … Read more