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Just as it happened with KickassTorrents last year, in May of 2017 lovers of sites to search for torrents suffered another blow when ExtraTorrent said goodbye and closed permanently. And, although soon after clones appeared, it was simple copies of the interface trying to take advantage of the unwary. Get to know about ETTV Torrents from here.

This time is different as many of the biggest and most popular ExtraTorrent uploaders, such as ETTC, ETHD, and DTOne have joined forces to launch completely a new community of torrents.ettv wiki

On the ETTV website, you will get with the content of the famous uploaders who had moved to another site of torrents like The Pirate Bay.

So far ettv torrents have a library of about 50 thousands of torrents. And at the moment they limited to television and movie torrents. Now there certainly trusted uploaders only allowed to upload content on site.

They do not rule out expanding in the future & adding other categories on ettv official website. The operation of the website is similar to that of any torrent site but it is not a copy of the old ExtraTorrent. You can see the most popular torrents, the latest ones that have added, you have recommendations from the same ETTV team or you can simply search.


Thousands of people share uploads on ETTV every week. And for many are already a reference when looking for certain content. However, it is curious to understand all that is behind these acronyms. In fact, in the beginning, it was a single person who controlled everything. Although he began to receive the group name.ettv official website

The closure of ExtraTorrent last May left a significant gap in the world of torrent download pages. However, many of the groups that emerged under his protection are now among the most popular. And their contributions downloaded by thousands of people on daily basis. We talk about ETHD and ETTV. These two are the most popular “pirate” groups of the moment that curiously, do not have human intervention behind.

Actually, ETHD and ETTV are not more than a few hundred lines of codes that make the whole process automated from the start to finish. They actually bots responsible for getting the content of the private server of the series or movies of the moment. And then they shared publicly on or any other portals like The Pirate Bay.

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