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YouTube Upload

Surely you have already recorded a lot of videos with your mobile and that you already have it dominated. But maybe you think that uploading them to YouTube to share them complicated. Get to know info on youtube upload from here.

Nothing is further from reality, uploading videos to YouTube are very simple!

Let us find out how to upload a video to YouTube in 3 simple steps.

1. Log in to your YouTube account:youtube uploader

Go to and click on “Initial Session” to start a session in your YouTube account.

2. Upload the video file and configure its visibility:

Once the session is started, if you click on the camera icon that you can see next in the highlighted part of the image, the box with the options should be displayed.

Here you see that there are two options: upload a video or broadcast live. In our case, the option to choose is logically the “Upload video”.how to upload a video to youtube

Here you will see the typical sale to select a file with the any you have to find the video file to Upload YouTube and select it. If you’re wondering what video formats are valid, we anticipate practically anyone, so do not worry about that now, we’ll talk about this again a little bit below.

In general, the most recommended format is MP4 but we would recommend selecting at least HD normal (720p).

3. Complete the video information and publish it:

On the third and last step, you need to enter the title and description that are precisely the title you see when you’re looking for a video on YouTube and the description that appears next to the channel’s logo. You usually see only the first lines of the description text that you can display whole with “show more”.

You can see this in the box highlighted in the middle of the image above.

On the other hand, there is the video thumbnail which is the image that seen in the video listings and the search results on wiki

YouTube creates three tentative thumbnails from which you can choose the one you want to use for your video. You must choose among them the one you want to use.

One very important thing is that, if you verify your YouTube account, you can also use custom thumbnails. That is, you create them and upload the image to the configuration of your video.

Once this has done, you only need to click on the “Publish” button which will take you to this screen to share the newly uploaded video.

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