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What happened to Project Free TV?

Media has evolutionated and entertainment plays an important role in our life. There are many ways to be connected with the world and entertainment. Lots of devices have been created from the technological development and now, we coexist daily with smartphones, computers, smart televisions, and much more. Get more about the Project Free TV from tv project

Project free tv history

Watching TV is one of the favorite experiences of humans in general. Since it was invented by the 1920s, TV has been important for us because it is an audiovisual Media that allow us to get big quantities of information, in short periods of time. However, we like to spend more than just a couple of minutes watching TV. Once you are sitting on your sofa and turn up the TV you cannot escape of its magic. However, many devices in these days allow us to get information on TV by using our ears and our eyes. Now, computers, tablets, and even our phones provide us with that information we need and mostly, for free.

Project Free TV, one of the most famous online websites for watching TV shows. By accessing its website ( you can enjoy those shows you like that for any reason, you have missed. The service they offer is really no charge. However, downloading any files they provide is not completely safe because your computer can download other software that some ways are adware. This software is not harmful but, it may cause the disturbance on the system, for example, pop-up ads and browser redirection.

what happened to project free tv
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Free TV project is not necessarily legal but, it is a reliable source of contents. This famous free Television streaming service is a website that links to hundreds of other websites that host copies of famous TV shows and it also provides TV scheduling information. This is one of the oldest websites of its kind and today, there are many websites that offer similar services.

What happened to Project Free TV?

This is not the first time that this kind of websites is down because operating with no legal base. However, Unlikely several websites linking/ hosting to pirated content, Free Project TV has a page displays about the all Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The question is: Why the Project Free TV original website was shut down? Nobody knows the real reasons. The web page just appeared completely stripped of content. The good news is that the website is back online with a new domain.

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