The news that torrent sites have come out of the air is always accompanied by negative notes related to government actions and arrests of those responsible for the services. This, however, is not the case for iDope which has remained inaccessible since last weekend because of a problem in its domain, according to those responsible.

Arising as a reflection of the end of KickassTorrents and the arrest of its operator, was born as another “mirror” of the original service file listing. Little by little, however, he gaining new resources that included the possibility of more torrents being made available and the promise never to show invasive ads, because, according to his creators, the idea is not to make money, but only to receive enough to keep foot platform.idope wiki – Quickly gained users:

This, coupled with the promise that would never leave the air because it was on a protected server even against “earthquakes, hurricanes, and nuclear bombs”, according to official words, took the platform to gain traction. Founded in 2016, the service quickly gained users and, in a list published by TorrentFreak in January. Listed as the tenth largest torrent site in the world, which only further extended its popularity.

When the meteoric success added to the fact that the site has been out for days. Without any declaration through social networks. An expectation of disaster formed. Luckily for the fans, that’s not what happened. According to those responsible, the servers are still up and running. But the domain which takes users there has serious problems that already being solved.idope se

Meanwhile, platform orphans can rely on two somewhat outdated but functional backups. According to the iDope operators, the addresses and present functional versions of the site. But with the files a few days before the sudden disappearance of the service. Older torrents can download normally as well as other platform features.

According to those responsible, still the problems must solve in a few days and normal access to the service will be restored soon. At least for the time being, the scenario remains quiet for service-type administrators.

According to the TorrentFreak numbers, the podium of torrent services in the world is occupied. And respectively by The Pirate Bay, RARBG and 1337x. In the listing made by the site. IDope appeared in tenth place tied technically with Zooqle, presenting users total and indexes of similar relevance.

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