Torrentz2 is the replacement for the famous, the torrent search engine that allowed millions of users to search hundreds of different sites for a particular file, aggregating the results in a user-friendly way.

As you can well imagine a site like this has a foot and a half in illegality, as it greatly facilitates the work of those who want to violate the copyrights related to movies, TV series, music, XXX videos, and software.

With the torrentz 2 downloads, you can enjoy many movies, videos, software, and also music.

If you add the high number of users daily it is clear that Torrentz has immediately ended up in the eye of the authorities for potential violation of the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) download

The authors of the first version of the site have therefore decided to block the portal. And prevent downloading files via torrents.

In recent weeks, however, Download torrent appeared which takes the features of the original version, removing, however, the ability to directly make the .torrent files related to the search and also related magnet.

The step is to install uTorrent:

Once you have installed a program to download files using the Torrent protocol. It is time to go in search of the actual files.

Let’s connect to Torrentz2 and in the search box write the file we want to search. On you can find the search results related to movies, TV series, porn movies, music, books and also games downloadable via Torrent: under this point of view, there are no changes with the previous version.

First of all make sure that some people have checked “Verify as good torrent”. This way we will have greater security on the goodness of the file.

Next to the word “Torrent trackers”. You will find the word “hash” followed by a long sequence of numbers and letters. Double-click on the unpronounceable word and copy it.torrentz2 torrent

At this point connect to this free generator of Magnet link and under “info hash”.. Enter the string you have copied from

Click on “Generate” and finally on the Magnet Link: your operating system will ask you if you want to open it with a specific app. Select the torrent client you have installed on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet and in a few seconds, the download will start automatically.

Recently the Torrentz2 managers have decided to add links to the main torrent sites containing the searched file. This means that, in addition to the conversion of hash. You can rely on the most famous torrent sites such as Monova and LimeTorrents.

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