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How to find a scam content when Foreign Characters make it unique

If you are the manager of a vast guest blogging community, you’ll undoubtedly discover so many new things. But we have found a new scam that’s going on in this industry for several years. People associated with this industry know about it already.

If you receive guest articles or if you outsource content from different writers, you’ll be amazed after knowing about this scam because it’s difficult to catch this scam.

It’s not so simple, so it’s not so easy to describe in one sentence. So a small exercise is provided here to make you understand what’s going on.

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People copy the exact text which cannot be even identified by the source code editor. Also, Google cannot locate this. You must be wondering how this scan is happening. Let’s check out.

The scammers are primarily using the Cyrillic characters instead of the actual letter to form a new word. Cyrillic characters are unique, and some of them exactly look like the English letters. For example, the English letter “o” “b” “M” “c” exactly looks like the Cyrillic characters. These letters look exactly same in both English and Russian language, but the code of these letters is different.

So, even a simple word with these characters cannot be found by Google. Sometimes Google shows it as a mistyped word. Now the question is how you can detect this content scam? Here is the solution.

How you can detect this content scam

UTF Converters

If you enter your content here and if it’s a spam content, it’ll quickly identify it. It’ll tell you how the old content has been turned into the image.

Google Translate

Google Translate is another effective medium which will read it or directly translate the spam content.

WordPress plugin

You just have to download it, and this cool plugin will decode the stolen content to UTF-8.

Now, after getting information about the spam content if you want to get information about where from the content is taken, then let us inform you, it’s not an easy job.

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The WordPress Editor

The most trustworthy WordPress Editor has not only just failed to detect the alien characters but failed to inform about them also. It should turn the code into regular characters. But it was unable to do so.

So if you think just by copy-pasting the text into the Visual editor will help you to find out the spam content, then you may have to be disappointed. You can easily understand that it’ll make the scam content more easy going and dangerous because WordPress is not going to highlight the errors.


All notepads cannot detect the duplicate content such as Unicode Notepad won’t able to find the alien characters. For that, you have to save your desired file and always choose ASCII instead of Unicode. Next, you need to close and re-open the file. The alien characters may be highlighted that time.

The best way

You should search the content on Google even if passes Copyscape successfully. All you need to do is pick a long phrase and search it on Google. We hope that you find out some interesting facts today.

All the best!

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