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YIFY movies characterized by having an excellent quality/size ratio, allowing those who download to be able to watch a full movie at 720p for around 800MB.

But who is YIFY?

Yify before being a group was only one person. The protagonist of this story is according to the sites about someone who at the beginning of 2010 began to recode movies so that they occupy the minimum space on their hard drive and maintaining a respectable quality level.yify wiki

YIFY Movies:

Yify movies With the premise of being able to share this great space with everyone and since making an app is a way to learn and put into practice what we have learned, we bring you Yify Movies.

In this app you can do a search of a movie, if it appears, choose one of the options and finally download the .torrents file to your cell phone or computer and then download the movie. While you cannot see the movie from the app. we trust that finding the file that allows you to download from a source of trust and quality will be enough satisfaction for you like a movie buff.


Currently and due to the success of its ascents, yifymovies.is went from being “a name” to being “the name of a group” that currently exceeds 10 people, several of which are the uploaders who obviously, are responsible for uploading film per film the 720p and 1080p versions of each which usually tend to be more than one pair per day.yifymovies.is

At a technical level the movies compressed and “released” by YIFY are more than correct for most mortals, that is, forget about 5.1 sound or a superb quality of encoding it shows a bit in dark areas, mainly in 720p releases. But honestly and comparing them with a DVD Rip the certain thing is that any 720p of 800MB is pure magic, not to mention if we leave any 1080p of a Gigabyte and a half.

YIFY is heading to one of the groups of the most known scene at the level of the legendary aXXo and several others, without a doubt it is one of the most seriously taken that the new BR RIPS are impressive and well, you know what that generates that of the good and light, perhaps the analogy of the good and cheap but for internet.

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