Many online file-sharing services are quite popular. However, it is possible that none of them are as prominent as BitTorrent: it is a P2P (peer-to-peer) system that provides an efficient, fast and stable, especially for large file sharing (hundreds or thousands of megabytes). It is one of the best Movie Torrent Sites in the list.

Let us find out – what exactly BitTorrent? And what are the advantages of bit torrent?

What is BitTorrent?

Created by the North American developer Bram Cohen in 2001, BitTorrent is a system that allows the sharing of almost any file over the Internet, used mainly for the distribution of videos, music, and software.bit torrent

BitTorrent is very popular because it is an easy-to-use tool and at the same time very efficient. This is basically due to two reasons:

– When a file downloaded to a computer, “bits” of this obtained from several other machines simultaneously, not just one.

– At the same time that a computer obtains a file, the data that has already downloaded are also shared, that is, in order to receive it must also be provided.

Bit Torrent itself, in fact, is a data-sharing protocol, not a centralized system. There is no server providing the data but rather a standard of communication between multiple computers that allows files to locate, distributed, and retrieved by everyone.

Advantages of Bit Torrent Download:

Bit Torrent has been the preferred choice for many people to share files. Not least, this is one of the most popular protocols on the internet and this is due to several reasons, among them:

– Security: Bit Torrent is very secure because it shares only the file you are downloading or already downloaded. It extremely difficult,  if an attacker to use the share to access a computer improperly. (unless you downloading an already infected file, but this is not common).bittorrent download

– Multiplatform: Bit Torrent is multiplatform, that is, it is not intended for a single operating system. You can use it on Windows, MacOS, Linux and even on mobile platforms such as Android.

– Free: you do not have to pay anything to use BitTorrent Download.

Continue from where you left off: you do not need to leave your computer on until the download is finished. You can pause the download and resume it later from the breakpoint.

– Cheap distribution: an organization that needs to distribute software, for example, can do it via Bit Torrent, avoiding expenses with the acquisition of servers for this purpose.

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