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For a long time considered one of the best torrent download sites on the net. At the same time and precisely for that reason, it was the one that more probabilities had to fall before the actions of the governments and that ended up happening in September of 2012 when the Ukrainian police took control of the servants. Since then the rumors about a possible return of the site have not stopped and even began to appear similar clones that had somehow gained access to the original database.demonoid pw

Now it seems that the era of the clones over and finally the original Demonoid PW returned, in the same domain that it left, Demonoid which also redirected by the .com and .me domains. It was at the beginning of the year when we pointed out that the tracker had come back to life and now it is the web that seems to be fully operational.

Demonoid already available exactly as they left it

Good news is that the is back. A mere glance reveals that everything is as it left. The design of the web is the same. We can access the same data and in general, it seems as if the web has never left. It seems that they have only been able to recover the database until June 7, 2012, but the enthusiastic community is already doing its part to compensate with a large number of torrents added in the last hours.

The real key to defining if Demonoid has returned is not that someone returns to put the web in the same domain as before, but if the users will return to it.

Its creators say that although it may not seem so, many changes have implemented in the operation of the web that now “cloud-based”. So we can expect some bugs or even that the site will disappear momentarily. Otherwise, the operation is similar, so some aspects such as the entry method continue.

Demonoid me is private and that means we need a user to pass us an invitation code in order to register. This method supposed to guarantee some protection but at the moment of truth, it did not help to prevent it from falling. What it does imply is that this is a different community from public websites like Pirate Bay, for example; more focused on sharing and quality torrents.

For more details, you can visit @ Meramaal Q&A

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