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What is a Sandbox Game?

The area of video games is developing more and more vertiginously. Today’s games are neither the shadow of the games that were popular in the early nineties, which were all of them progression-style Games. Now we have the possibility to experience the Sandbox Video Games, a style of game that is becoming increasingly popular for offering greater freedom to the player and greater realism. Do you know the Sandbox Game Definition? Do you know the characteristics of the Sandbox Games? Discover it with us in this brief review about this wonderful game style.

sandbox games

Have you played a video game in which you can move wherever you want, no matter if you are or not doing the main missions? Have you distracted building mansions in Minecraft, hunting in the Skyrim forests or stealing the most modern cars in GTA? If you have not done it, you definitely have to try it.

Sandboxes also known as open-world games. Open-world games are programmed so that the player is not limited by a sequence of predetermined spaces or situations. Player also allowed to freely explore the entire “world” of the game, reach the missions through different routes, or simply ignore the missions and engage in other activities.

This game system implemented for some time in many of the Role Playing Games (RPG) in the Shooters Games, and of course in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Characteristics of a Sandbox Video Game

In short, we can say that these are the characteristics of a Sandbox video Game:

  • Non-linear: Despite having a classic game route, you can choose your own game routes. There is no right or wrong way to play.
  • Multiple missions: Apart from the main mission, the Sandbox Games, especially the Sandbox RPG usually offer multiple secondary missions or mini-games that keep you entertained throughout the open world.
  • Decision making: Most sandboxes not only allow freedom of movement but also you can create a character with personalized characteristics and make different decisions throughout the game (as with a RPG sandbox), which can be positive or negative and which directly influence how subsequent missions will develop.
  • Minimum limitations: The limitations of a Sandbox are based fundamentally on the most crucial aspects of the story that the video game offers. Some areas partially blocked until you complete a mission, or some characters may not appear until that moment. There are also limits of the map, that is, where the fictional world of the video game ends, but apart from that, it is possible to go through everything as you please. Mine craft is the Sandbox Game with fewer existing limitations, as map boundaries expand as you walk forward.

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