how to loop youtube video

The level of streaming videos on youtube is increasing day by day. People enjoy to watch music videos, football highlights, and different event on youtube that they might want to have their favorite on loop. Some youtube users still don’t understand how to have their favorite video on loop. Instead, they have to keep refreshing their videos.  YouTube loop is not a difficult task. We will take you through the different ways of looping and the steps involve in how to loop a youtube video.

What does it mean to Loop Videos on YouTube?

It simply means to have your video repeating itself over and over again until you ask it to do otherwise. Doing this is not something big. Read how below.

Step by Step guidelines on how to put a YouTubevideo on loop

There are numerous ways to loop youtube videos both on your mobile phone and PC. They include;

1. Open Browser (Google Chrome, Phone Browser, Firefox, etc.)

loop youtube video
loop youtube video
  1. Go to YouTube website.
  2. Enter into the search box the video you want to watch.
  3. Once it brings the video and starts playing, you can right click for options or long press the video screen in case if it’s touch screen.
  4. A list of options would pop up including loop YouTube.
  5. Then left click and it’s done.
  6. Note, it will keep repeating itself until you ask it to do otherwise by following the same step above.
  7. If it’s a mobile phone, you will see option icon at the right corner of the video display screen.
  8. Touch and select loop.
  9. The video keeps repeating.
youtube video repeat
youtube video repeat

2.iOS: There is a YouRepeat app on iOS phones. It is very simple to use. Below are the steps involve

  1. Open YouRepeat app on your phone.
  2. There is a search box at the bottom of the display screen towards right. Click on it.
  3. Type the name of the video you would love to loop.
  4. Play the video and watch it repeatedly.
Loop youtube video on ios
Loop youtube video on ios

There is another alternative to the previously listed method. This involve copying the URL of whatever video you want to watch and pasting it on sites that support video looping. Some of the website is

  1. Go to the video you wish to loop.
  2. Click the share button and copy the URL.
  3. Then open
  4. Paste the copied URL in the search box.
  5. Click on the video once it loads and watch.
  6. It repeats itself automatically.

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