top 5 youtube downloaders

Top 5 YouTube Downloaders

If you are looking to download YouTube Videos to your computers, here we present Top 5 YouTube Downloaders.

1. YouTube Video Downloader:

This is a very simple and also convenient YouTube Downloader program designed for downloading videos. It is one of the best one in the Top 5 YouTube Downloaders. The extremely simple interface, which can even be called primitive, is perfect for any user, regardless of the level of his training. In addition, there are a number of advantages:youtube downloader

  • The ability to download video files in the highest quality;
  • You can select the save format yourself using the settings;
  • Program weight is only a few megabytes so that it does not load the system and also does not require a large amount of free memory;

In order to download the video you like, you just need to insert a link to the video into the program window and select the folder where the object will be saved.

2. Free YouTube Download:

This occupies one of the leading positions among the downloader’s designed to work with YouTube. The program has a huge number of chips and also extensions, which are pleasantly pleased experienced users. Among the advantages worth noting several other points:youtube video downloader

  • You can select the quality in which the video will download;
  • You can perform youtube upload entire collections of videos;
  • File conversion into popular formats is available – MP4, AVI, WMV;
  • A large number of extensions for different browsers – Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

3. Wondershare AllMyTube:

This site does not occupy a leading position in the rating, as users are far from always satisfied with the lack of all language, as well as with some restrictions. But in fact, this program is the fastest and most stable in work. Other benefits include:youtube downloader wiki

  • The ability to download and encode video in one click;
  • 10 different formats are available for converting video files, and 12 for audio;
  • At the same time you can download up to 10 files (at what you can do it separately or as a single playlist);
  • The player built into the browser

4. VSO Downloader Ultimate:

This site is the main difference between this program and others are the ability to work not only with YouTube but also with hundreds of other video hosting sites. Available batch file downloads. There are several other obvious advantages of this solution:free youtube downloader

  • Minimum consumption of system resources;
  • It is possible to use to connect VPN;
  • Conversion, audio-only extraction, and batch download are available.

In order to save the file, just click on the corresponding icon which will appear immediately after installing the application?

5. Freemake Video Downloader:

This is a multifunctional YouTube Video Downloader program that allows you to not only download but also convert files. The application allows you to work not only with YouTube but also with such popular sites as Vimeo, Facebook, MySpace, etc. Among the characteristic features of the development is also worth noting:youtube video downloader sites

  • Availability of “parental control”;
  • The ability to extract audio;
  • Extensive customization options.

This loader received its popularity more than deservedly, since the high download speed that it can provide, as well as the presence of a huge number of extensions, is pleasantly pleasing to users of any level.

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