top torrent sites

Top Torrent Sites

Despite the harsh policies imposed by the government of many countries on the Internet, the truth is that the world of downloads via torrent files has not disappeared. Despite the popularity of services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, there are those who still look for music, movies or TV series in the search engines of torrents. Get to know the list of Top torrent sites from here.

Although the BitTorrent protocol has lost some popularity compared to other download modes, it is still one of the best alternatives when optimizing the transfer of large files via the Internet.  It is because the servers are not saturated. The original content providers save bandwidth since they do not have to serve a certain file to all the clients that want it. It takes advantage of the bandwidth of the users that are downloading the file.


And it is still a popular and fast method to download the content of all kinds. The reason for this is very simple. It exploits the full potential of our Internet connection and avoids having to download files from websites of dubious quality. Of course, the number of search engines has significantly decreased compared to years ago. Despite this, there are currently a few that work and struggle to survive. This is the list of the 10 top torrent sites.

1. The Pirate Baytorrent sites

The Pirate Bay is one of the top torrent sites in the world. It is a historic one. One of the search engines to download more popular torrents and more content offers. And also one of the most persecuted. It has a large library of archives of all kinds with several years of longevity. Also, the small number of ads that the website includes allows browsing between libraries much more conveniently than in other search engines. Due to anti-piracy policies, the way to access varies depending on the country, although we can find the full list of proxies in this link. Know the Pirate Bay Proxy here. It is the world’s best torrent site.

2. Kickass Torrentskickass torrents

The missing Kickass Torrents has returned, although in this case under different names and addresses due to a large number of falls suffered by the anti-piracy laws. This is one of the best movie torrents sites. Currently, it is, together with The Pirate Bay is one of the most complete torrent file search engines. Its library is immense and we can download the content of all kinds, including images of outdated operating systems, such as old versions of Mac or Windows. Their addresses change constantly but here is a list of updated links to Kickass Torrents:


3. Torrentz2torrentz2

Another of the few search engines that currently resist different copyright policies. Like The Pirate Bay, it has an extensive library of torrent files from well-known programs to specialized software. Its interface is limited solely and exclusively to a simple search engine. It does not have advertising of any kind, which helps to speed up it’s loading in connections with low speed. It can be accessed from this link.

4. Torrent Paradisemovie torrents

This is another one of the popular torrent search engine sites. This site changes its address constantly so as not to be denounced by anti-piracy laws. Although its creation is relatively recent, the truth is that it has more than 2 million torrent files. Its main disadvantage is that the load of the web, despite being very simple in code, it is quite slow compared to previous search engines. You can access it by clicking on this link.

5. TorrentDownloadstorrent downloads

This site is very similar to Kickass. It has almost the same interface as this, although the amount of available files is significantly lower. The advantage of this over the previous ones is that most torrents have a large number of seeds or connected machines so you can download files much faster than in other websites. It also has advertising, although it is not too intrusive.

6. 1337X1337x

Another website specialized in audiovisual content especially in relation to movies and series, although it also has torrents of computer games. As usual, it falls more or less periodically, although it usually returns to the network with another domain or URL. We leave you with some of the most used addresses on the web:

  • https: //1337×


This is a torrent search engine that, like the previous ones, specializes in series content, movies, TV shows, documentaries, music, and PC games. It does not have an overly extensive catalog but its contents shine for its quality.

8. LimeTorrentslime torrents

This is one of the most popular and best torrent sites. Its interface is very similar to that of Kickass Torrents and in this case, we find a very similar library, not so much in number but in disparity. You can find many programs, operating systems, movies, and lot more. In general, files of all kinds. Most of these usually contain numerous seeds or connected machines, making it ideal for downloading torrents quickly. We can access the web by clicking here.

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