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Kodi TV

Kodi is the universal media center that has had the most popular in recent days. It was previously known as XBMC and since its origins, it already enjoyed certain popularity among users. With Kodi TV, you can enjoy absolutely all kinds of streams in almost any format. The formats like audio, video, photos, movies, games and others. Get to know more about the Kodi App from here.

Kodi:kodi wiki

It has managed to remain among the users’ favorites thanks to the addons. These extensions complement of the original version of Kodi whose functionalities vary depending on the type of addon that added. It should be noted that this works in a very similar way to the Chrome extensions.

While it is true that Kodi is a great solution for our leisure time in which you can enjoy virtually all types of content on a single screen, today there is a constant monitoring towards it. Everything is because some add-ons have illegal actions on the content that we can access through them. From streamings that protected by copyright, through viewing paid football matches and downloading music illegally.

However, Kodi is a totally legal application in which you can make use of add-ons that do not bust with the copyrights of the content that you provide. You can easily Kodi Download.

Upload own content:kodi app

The Kodi app does not include any type of content so the task of creating a multimedia library is in your hands either through the use of add-ons or if you already have a personal multimedia library that you want to add to the platform. To do this you must enter Settings> Collection> Font Management once you have accessed this section you must opt for these three options Videos, Music or Images. From your desktop, you select the folder that contains what you want to upload and add it to your collection.

Is Kodi a legal player?kodi download

The developers of Kodi already somewhat tired of the platform related to the illegal downloading of any kind of content. Nothing further from the fact that some add-ons designed to have free. And also unlimited access to content that protected by copyright. For this reason, the creators of the app have received threats from large representatives of the industry.

The truth is that Kodi is a multimedia center whose purpose is that the user can enjoy the content of their preference without the need to legally break the copyright of it.

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