Dollarama is famous for $1 shopping and most of the stationary items can be found for very reasonable price. One of the most famous Dollarama is located at 96 Spadina Street Darling Bldg Toronto, ON M5V 2J6 Canada, I am really surprised at the wide variety of things that Dollarama has inside its store. I mean for a dollar (or two), you can buy virtually all the great canned goods, chocolate, and various products at a discounted price. They even have best qualities of cheap bread,  I bought it and it looked and tasted decent and I’m sure that people who have a low budget and who cannot live in a high-class residence can still be fully satisfied with what Dollarama has to offer.

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A great menu and a wide variety of products is offered by this company which is very important to cover the potential market of any branch. The rarer the product the faster you can find it here and we cannot stop mentioning that they have sent the products to all parts of the country, with the fast and safe delivery. You cannot miss the great opportunity to communicate with them through their website, or with contact numbers to place the orders, with the best price at no cost additional shipping

Although most of the Dollarama preserve the same visual identity and selection of products of the best quality regardless of the price of the raw material, their products will always have the best quality of services in all areas.

Another interesting thing about them is that they are always so happy with the upcoming events, they are equipped with new decorations for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, whatever, they are ready to sell it weeks in advance and also have a great variety of shows that can be Enjoy only on weekends, especially on Sundays at noon and late evening preferably.

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Surely it is better to buy expensive things in a departmental store if it is a one-time use but, if you really have a low budget then Dollarama is for you. The staff at this location is friendly, quick and efficient, which is great since the line moves pretty quickly. In addition, you probably want to get in and out as quickly as possible, because when the store is busy it can be quite overwhelming, and the corridors are already a problem, but when it is at low tide, it can be enjoyed in an excellent way.

I must say that this place is the best place to have a good time of shopping. Do not miss the great opportunity of your life, Dollarama is recognized for selling products up to $ 1, WOW!

My recommendation is that you take advantage and know them, besides knowing their gift cards where you can use them and make a purchase of many products at only $ 25.

 Dollarama Opening Timings

Monday. 9.00AM to 9.00PM
Tuesday. 9.00AM to 9:00PM
Wednesday. 9.00AM to 9.00PM
Thursday. 9.00AM to 9.00PM
Friday. 9.00AM to 9.00PM
Saturday. 9.00AM to 9.00PM
Sunday. 10.00AM to 6.00PM

 Dollarama Stores

Centre Commercial Forest store University Plaza store Grande Place des Bois Francis store Mail Duvernay store
10539 – boul Pie IX. 449 – University Ave. 1111 boul. Jutras est. 3100 – boul. de la Concorde.
  6560 – boul. Joseph Renaud. 6495 – Somerled Ave. 2836 – rue Masson.
  3817 – boul. St-Laurent. 3795 – Notre-Dame Ouest. 141 – rue Caron.
Carrefour Jeannois store Le Centre Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré store Place Rouanda store Les Halles de la Mauricie store
1221 – boulevard Marcotte. 10516 – boul Ste-Anne. 4 15e rue. 1532 41e rue.
Marché Bellemare. Place Cartier. Bayview Lane Plaza. Carrefour Baie des Chaleurs.
2650 – boul Rosemont. 301 – boul. Cartier. 8190 – Bayview Ave. 122 – boul. Perron Ouest.
  396 –  boul. Jessop. 1380 – Second Street East.
Place Centre Ville store Place Laurier store Place Jacques Cartier store
11400 – 1e Avenue. 2700 – boul. Laurier. 167 – Rue de la Reine.

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Dollarama Facebook:

Dollarama Montreal Contact Number: 514-737-1006

Dollarama Toll Free Number: 1-888-755-1006

Dollarama Email Id:

Dollarama Fax Number: 514-409-2097

Dollarama Address


Royalmount Avenue, 


Quebec – H4P oA1

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