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You must have known about this. If you do not know then definitely read. Today I will tell you about Double VPN. The technology of Double VPN is being used far less than ever. Some foreign VPN companies are using VPN systems like Double VPN. Those who have done it to VPNs know what its benefits are. VPN are used by people who are aware of their privacy on the Internet.

Double VPN

What really happens is that advertising companies track you all the time. Whatever you do on your phone or computer, they track and show you advertisements. And earns a lot of money. Now you must have understood how Facebook, Google, and similar social networking sites make money. There are companies counting in lakhs of people who want to show their products to the people. In a survey, it has been found that the number of people who see ads on Facebook is 2 million (2 million). In this way, money is being collected from you by depositing your data.

Now the question comes, how to avoid it? And the answer is using a VPN. VPN is designed keeping in mind your privacy. Using the VPN, your information searched on the Internet is not shared by the ISP. Using VPN, you encrypt the data and the ISP cannot reason it out. If you want to know about it in detail, you can go to our website and read it.

In this article of Whatyouremind, I am going to tell you about Double VPN. In this article, I will give you what is Double VPN? What are the benefits of using Double VPN? And I will tell you some good information related to this.

double-vpn-how it works
double-vpn-how it works

What is a double VPN? (What is Double VPN?)

Just like using a VPN, the ISP (which provides Internet service) does not know your search history, location, IP address, and device details. Double VPN works in the same way.

Just one thing is different in Double VPN. It is like your search traffic in VPN passes through 1 server. Double VPN works through 2 servers.

Double VPN encrypts the search traffic twice. Which gives you double the security and privacy.

How Double VPN Work, via TheSafty

In Double VPN, the traffic going to the first server is first encoded in AES-256 encrypt, then this traffic is sent to another server. It is re-encoded before sending there. Ie 2 times encryption. So that the data is encoded 2 times.

Like in Double VPN, traffic/data is passed through the server 2 times. If there are 3 servers instead of 2, it is called ‘Triple’ VPN and 4 servers, then it is called ‘Quad VPN’.

Note: There are 2 reasons for security and robustness in Double VPN.

1. Double VPN has 2 times encryption. Therefore, if the ISP also tracks your data/traffic, the data will not be of any use to the ISP due to encryption.

2. One of the reasons that the security level is good in Double VPN is that it works on TCP and UDP (network layer).

Advantages of Double VPN:

Your ISP will see the first connection to the VPN server, but your IP address on the Internet will not be known, because the Internet connection is made with another VPN server.

The 2nd VPN server will not know your real IP address, as it will be hidden from the first VPN server. It makes you lose your name.
You can use different geographical locations of VPN servers located in different continents (eg Panama, Malaysia or Korea).

Your IP address changes at each stage of the process, creating a layering of your anonymity.

When to use Double VPN? (When to use Double VPN?):

By the way, it is necessary to use a VPN. Because it encodes your data and improves your security and privacy. In such 2 conditions you can use Double VPN.

1. If you use public wifi then it becomes necessary that you use a VPN. Because using public wifi is never secure. And by looking at your log files, it found out what you used for public WIFI. In such a condition you should use a VPN.

2. If you use any service or website banned in your country, then you can use Double VPN. Because most of the VPN servers are located in outside countries only. And there this service/website


Now you know everything about Double VPN services. Due to the new service, it is available in very few countries. If you search on the internet, there are 10 companies that provide double VPN service. If you want Double VPN, you can watch NordVPN. He has been in this service for a long time. And their servers are in more than 100 countries. You can see more VPN services.

I hope you have got the initial information about Double VPN. If you like the information, you can share it with your friends and make my hard work successful. The share button is to the left of the screen. You can bring Bell notifications on. With this, you will get notification of next article on the phone itself.

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