If you want to download YouTube videos or listen to music without turning on the screen, we offer the best alternative: Get to know detailed information on Keepvid from here.

YouTube is one of those key services on the Internet that not only accumulate millions of users. They also move a significant level of traffic worldwide. Tens of thousands of new videos uploaded every day, millions of views, a huge amount of hours available for our entertainment and information.

When it comes to traveling, for example, it is always a good idea to bring a good recital or several videos of songs on your phone or tablet. Why not also viral videos of animals?youtube downloader

The multimedia contents are of great importance during long trips, or even in the day to day when driving a car with stereo with Bluetooth.

The issue comes from the side of obtaining such content, the “how to download” to the mobile device directly or to the computer and then pass them.

The answer to the problem is simple: is very popular for downloading the YouTube video. It knows as the YouTube Downloader. It uses millions of people to download the video. This website allows people to download YouTube videos in free. The creation of has also been done in such a way that people can use it easily. So people like this website very much. Do you also want to use So we have shown below how it can be used.

While there are thousands of similar platforms to download videos, they all work in the same way.keepvid wiki

Simply copy the URL of the video, and then paste it into the Keepvid search bar. Next, it is necessary to click on the “Download” button. So that the system shows the different available qualities of the video to download to the computer.

Once a certain quality has been chosen, bearing in mind that as the weight of the video increases, a box is opened requesting a name for the file. Clicking on save starts by downloading the video.

With Facebook videos the procedure is identical. The only variation is that to obtain the URL of the clip it is necessary to pose on it. Make a right mouse button, click on “Show URL” and copy it. That address will be the one that you have to paste into the Keepvid bar.

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