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YouTube is one of the most important websites if we speak about information in video files. Here, you can upload your videos, watch the contents of other subscribers, like and comment videos, subscribe to other channels, and many other things. One important fact is that people tend to search for information on YouTube more frequently than via Google. Videos are audiovisual materials that can contain almost any information that people may need. Get more about the Standard YouTube License from license

For uploading a video is necessary for having a YouTube License. In this article, you are going to learn those things you need to know about YouTube license.

What is a YouTube license?

There are legal regulations that protect the creator of content and the users. Having a license means that the video or content that you upload in the Internet should be yours not others. A YouTube license is part of the legal regulations by YouTube. The video creator retains copyrights, and other users should reuse that work subject according to the terms of the license.

What does Standard YouTube license mean?youtube standard license

Standard YouTube license is the default position of uploaded videos in this website. Since the first moment that you create a video, the ideas and general content are yours. When you upload it to YouTube, you must agree to the terms of use.

What does a Creative common or CC license mean?

YouTube license inspire by General Public License (GPL) of the Free S/W Foundation. The main idea is to establish a legal model to facilitate the distribution and use of any content available on the Internet.what does standard youtube license mean

There are several Creative Commons licenses. Each one has different configurations, for example, the rights of the original author to quote his/her work as reproduce it, create derivative content, offer it as publicity, and restrict the use for illegal commercial use.

What is the difference between a standard You Tube license and a creative Common License?

When you upload a video on YouTube, you can choose the conditions and regulations. YouTube needs you to agree to the terms of use. In these terms of use, now you can choose between two license options: CC license and Standard YouTube License. What is best? Depending on your needs, there is a license for you. Both licenses have the same finality: protecting the rights of the authors. Standard YouTube license is automatic and basic. CC license must be chosen and provides you with more options for protecting your videos.

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