Graphics Processing Unit

With the advent of computers, there are a number of advanced software’s, videos, games are available. All these applications now developed with higher graphics for the sole purpose of improving their appearance. It resulting in making them heavier to load by any of the computers. So, what is GPU? Graphics processing unit specifically designed to load these higher graphics software or Videos which are having higher resolutions.

graphics processing unit

There are a number of features which are provided in the Graphics Processing Unit. Some of them include 2D or 3D graphics, digital output to flat plate monitor, texture mapping, high-resolution software and also many more. All these features will be running in your device quite easily due to the higher amount of Graphics Processing Unit provided. It will handle the higher graphics to reduce the processing load over your computer.

GPU Definition with GPU Meaning

First GPU developed by NVidia during the time of 1999. It named as GeForce. This GPU was provided the capability of processing about 10 million polygons every second. For doing that it provided with about 10 million transistors and was a single chip processor. It was having capabilities like transforming, drawing and BitBLT support and many more.

As with the passage of time, there was more demand for higher graphics software which increased the demand for GPU. Slowly with the passage of time now GPU provided not only as a means of enhancement for certain applications but are now an integral part. It is helping a number of individuals to even perform their daily tasks with higher performance and also accuracy. Normally GPU connected to the CPU and separate from the motherboard.gpu definition

Many of the GPU’s used nowadays are having transistors which are useful for displaying the 3D graphics. Even it consists of accelerated memory which is beneficial for mapping the vertices. Programmable shedders are also now common in recent applications. As the operations get faster one can even observe accurate colour formats over the display which will be helpful in a number of CAD applications. Even it used for more in-depth study by a number of scientists.


Thus, we can say that with the advancement in technology GPU has become an integral part of our computers. It is improving the processing capacity of our device to have maximum optimal performance. Even they will be able to run a number of higher performance videos or games with smooth graphics by using GPU.

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