zerg rush

Zerg Rush

Zerg rush is used a number of locations as a means of astonishing the stronger player in the game by weaker player due to numbers. It has gained sufficient popularity quite recently due to the increasing spread of the games. Mainly it is used in the real-time strategy games for describing a particular overpowering strategy attack. Even the term is popularized by the name of “StarCraft”.zerg rush definition

It is even considered as the most well-known playable race when considered in the game. That is having the capability of producing small and even cheap offensive units at a rapid rate. This will mainly be occurring for a short period of time which will allow users to overwhelm their opponents. It is mainly done quite early during the game itself to make them loose down so that your winning chances rise.

Zerg Rush Definition with its description

The term is recently defined and is spreading quite rapidly after getting registered in Urban Dictionary. This registration took place recently during 25th December 2004. As the word started appearing it started getting popularized and used at a number of places. Even encyclopedia dramatic has shown various situations which are relating to this word.

What is zerg rush

So, what is Zerg Rush? The word is used for describing any of the particular situations of the game. It includes one where a group of stronger units which are there or players in the game are overwhelmed by means of weaker ones. How we can do a Zerg Rush? This is mainly done by the use of sheer numbers by them. When this is done it will lower their confidence in making them weak in the gameplay. Even it will improve your chances of winning the game against them based on the statistics.

As the word got popularized even Google created an easter egg which one can play. This gets activated when user types “zerg rush” in the Google search console. It will result in all the O’s in the word Google starting to devour the search results. To stop this from happening you can click on these O’s to make them disappear. When all the results are finally devoured the final score is depicted which one can share on Google+.


Thus, we can say that Zerg Rush is a new and innovative word which is used for an overpowering attack in the strategy games. It is widely used now due to the improved statistics of the games being played by a number of users. Even dictionary and encyclopedia are now depicting the word after 2004 with their different uses.

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