time division multiplexing

Time Division Multiplexing

Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) basically a communication process which involved with transmitting digital signals over a common channel. Incoming signals received divided into an equal length of time slots. These signals after going through the process of multiplexing will transmit over a shared medium. They will then reassemble into the original signal after going through the process of de-multiplexing.what is time division multiplexing

So what is time division multiplexing? It is basically a process which will prove to be useful for effective transmission of the communication signals to the required destination. This will help us in ensuring that data transmitted to the desired destination without suffering from any kind of loss. Even the targeted user able to effectively understand the data which transmitted to them by means of de-multiplexing.

Details about what is TDM

In this method instead of sending all the data simultaneously, they divided into small packets. These packets then sent over a particular time slot. It will help in ensuring that data is sent effectively and securely to the targeted destination. The main thing in this is that the packets which prepared should send precisely over the specified time slots only.what is tdm

Receiving end of the signal will collect all the signals sent for reassembling them. This will prove to be useful while assembling them to get back the original data. TDM is basically consisting of two categories. It includes TDM and synchronous time division multiplexing. Mainly it used for the purpose of long-distance communication and also for the purpose of bearing heavy loads.

During each time a data packet generated which also consisting of the error correction channel. This repeated till the process channel gets expired and it gets repeated over the next channel. One of the examples of TDM is transmitting the multiple telephonic conversations over a single four-wire cable. It is also possible to have a pulse code modulation over this system which will be used for interchanging the system.


Thus, we can say that communication has become quite effective due to the use of Time Division Multiplexing. It is leading to the sharing of information by dividing them into small packets of data. They assembled together at the final location to retrieve back the original data. It used when there is a need to transmit multiple signals over a single transmission cable. All the data packets will collect at the end and de-multiplexed to obtain the required information.

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