mobile network state dis-connected

Mobile Network State Disconnected

This issue has become one of the most common among Android mobile phone users. It can happen for several reasons but the symptoms are always the same: the cell phone does not allow access to the internet through mobile data, and in some cases it is not even possible to make calls. We have collected information with the most effective solutions that several users have contributed and here we explain them step by step how to fix Mobile Network State disconnected.

What does Mobile Network State Disconnected mean?mobile network state disconnected

The “Mobile Network State: Disconnected” it is a type of conflict that the device can present regarding the reception of signal for mobile data. It may be because the device is trying to connect to a 4G internet network while its Sim card only offers 3G networks or lower. It may also be because the cell phone is configured to give priority to Wi-Fi signals and does not allow the 4G signal to be connected while there is any nearby Wi-Fi signal, among other situations. Let’s see several ways to solve the Cellular network State: Disconnected.

How to fix Mobile Network State Disconnected?

As there are several situations that may be generating the problem, there are several possible solutions. We recommend you to try each one until you find the right one.

  1. Change the signal from Mobile Network to 3G: It is possible that your Sim card does not offer connection to 4G networks, therefore you will need to change it to 3G so that it resumes the mobile data transfer. To change it, follow the following steps:
  2. Open the Settings Menu
  3. Click on Network Mode
  4. Select only CDMA (wich is 3G)
  5. Connect your mobile data again.
  6. Deactivate the Wi-Fi connection: It can happen that your phone is permanently prioritizing the connection through Wi-fi signals and disables the use of the data. To change this configuration follow the next steps:
  7. Open the Settings Menu.
  8. Select Wireless and Network Settings.
  9. Disable Airplane Mode
  10. Turn OFF WI-FI
  11. Turn OFF Bluetooth
  12. Scroll down and click on Mobile Networks
  13. Check Data is “Enabled”
  14. Do not Enable Data Roaming
  15. Enable “Always-On” Mobile Data.
  16. Reset the APN Settings: A third possible cause is when you buy your own unlocked phone, and the AT&T settings are empty or have incorrect settings. To repair it follow the next steps:
  17. Open the Settings Menu
  18. Delete all apn Settings
  19. Go back to Settings Menu
  20. Select Mobile Network Settings
  21. Select Access Point Names
  22. Open the three dots on the right hand corner
  23. Reset to Default.

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