We are faced with a large number of operations to be performed on daily basis. It requires complete knowledge about the way in which operation is to be performed and its sequence. Normally we are prioritizing the functions based on which came first. So, we will be handling the tasks which came first and so on in a sequential manner which is called first come first serve Scheduling. Get info on FCFS from here.

fcfs meaning
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This will lead to a proper arrangement of tasks without any kind of cluster. All the processes will be moving ahead in a systemized manner one after the another. As soon as one task is completed, other will be initiated by its own in the queue. It can likely increase processing time as it will not take into consideration the priority of processing a particular task.

A brief overview about first come first serve (FCFS)

In this process, it provides a simple, error-free process scheduling of different tasks. This will prove to be useful in handling the CPU resources effectively. The process which comes first is directly processed with zero waiting time. As other processes start coming, they are kept in the queue until the first process is completed by the device.

This will lead to the second process to wait until the first process has completed its task. It will lead to an increase in the overall processing time. For example, there is a process P1 which comes first having zero waiting time and 10 seconds of processing time. Next process which comes will have to wait till 10 seconds for the first process to complete. It will be termed as its waiting time.  It will go on for the further processes without considering their priority.

When this kind of algorithm is used there are likely chances of problems getting created with low processing speed about the important tasks which have to wait. Sometimes, his waiting time is too long for an individual to create a problem with its regular functioning of different tasks. This requires that either the processing time is reduced or an alternative method is developed for this.


So, what is FCFS? First come first serve is a computer algorithm which is processing a task based on the time when they arrived. The process request which arrives first will be processed first irrespective of its priority. One should handle this kind of processing with care to ensure that all the important processes are completed on time without any kind of issues.

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