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The Ultimate Guide to Web Design

Creating a successful website is the next big step for any business. Although developing a website is not a difficult task but getting people to visit your website and make them stay is a task. However, for this you just need your website design to be engaging,and it should give visitors a reason to return to your site.

With little time and effort, you can make a successful website. But, the most important thing that makes a website is its design. It’s the site’s design that brings visitors and increases conversions.

So, here are some tips for you that you should consider for a great website design.

Your Website Should Load Fast

Waiting for a page to load is one of the most frustrating experiences for the users. With the increase in mobile technology, people expect a fast result for the content they want.

If your site takes time to load, visitors will usually bounce to another site. To increase the page speed, start by optimizing and compressing your images before loading them into your website. Also, minimizing the use of JavaScript can reduce the loading time too.

website load speed

Make User Experience A Priority

To convert a visitor into a customer,you must focus on giving them a great site experience. So, make sure that your site is enticing as it will keep the users on your site for a longer time. This is very easy if you make the website user-friendly so that users can navigate through the pages easily.

To make visitors stay on your site longer, make sure to design a visually-appealing website. The longer people stay on your site, more will be the conversions.

Make Your Website Mobile Optimized

The use of mobile phones is something that keeps on increasing. So, if your website lacks a mobile optimized design, you are making a huge mistake. This will affect the SEO of your site resulting in reduced traffic.

So, make sure to design a flexible and adaptive design to make your site responsive. Also, it is now necessary to have a mobile-optimized website.

Website Mobile Optimized

Carefully Select The Color Scheme

Colors also play a significant role in how a website would look. Using wrong and harsh tones can leave a bad impact on users. So, go for colors that engaging and evokes the emotion you want to convey through your brand.

Also, focus on the color scheme of the call-to-action, text, and headlines so the user can differentiate and navigate comfortably between the pages.

Implement Call-To-Action Buttons

If you don’t tell users what to do next once they’ve landed at your site, they are most likely to leave. You want to tell them what action you’d like them to take. Buttons like “Buy Now,” “Add to cart” or “Request information” make users click on them hence increasing the conversion rate.

call to action buttons

These few tips should be a good start for you to decide in which direction you want to start with your website. Consider these tips while developing your site or if you find this task overwhelming, contact Get The Clicks Tampa, and they’ll make your website for you.

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