Eye-Catching Resumes

40 Creatively Stunning and Eye-Catching Resumes

Everyone knows the importance of a good, functional and informative resume or CV, and that is not under discussion in this article. Here we are taking a look at creative and very individual resumes, mainly designed to be viewed on the internet by prospective employers/clients. The individuals we are showcasing…

2D or not 2D

2D or not 2D – Find Real Faces Beneath The Stunning Artwork

The Russian duo of make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan and photographer Alexander Khokhlov took to recreating some of the finest and most famous artworks of all times such as, Leonardo da Vinci’s lady with a smile: Mona Lisa, or the bold and beautiful comic styled female character of Roy Lichtenstein. Instead…

black white portfolio

35 Black and White Flash Portfolios

The black and white palette is considered to be the favorite art motif of many creative people, especially for their portfolios. Since glossy magazines and fashion shows started popularizing vibrant color schemes, black and white artwork has become associated with something classic and stylish. Many designers use monochrome solutions to…

SEO Tips for Web Designers

SEO Tips for Web Designers: A Guide to Beautifully Designed Websites

An eye catching and user friendly design is fundamental to any business trying to find online success, but a great looking website will go unnoticed if it doesn’t have a chance at good search rankings. Designers have a trained eye for the look and feel of a site and love…

100 Amazing Office Work Spaces

+80 Amazing Office Work Spaces – Creative Ideas for Your Desk

From time to time we all like to have some change in our lives (I like change a lot actually) so I figured that today we’d go over some images. I am putting together a list here of +80 awesome images of office workspaces.

High-Speed Photography

High-Speed Photography: 30 Fascinating Photography

High speed photography is a technique that photographers use to capture an action that happens in a fraction of a second. Imagine capturing a picture of a bullet going through a balloon filled with water; Even the fastest digital camera you could buy wouldn’t be sufficient. Cameras can have a…

Retro Wallpapers

30+ Vintage and Retro Wallpapers for your Desktop

Retro and vintage, though these two words have similar meaning, but the etymological meanings of these two words are not identical. The term vintage is used for referring to an object or style that belongs to a different period altogether. Whereas retro is used to refer to an object that…