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How to make computer games & laptop games

Method 1. Finding Tools

1. Create text-based games:

These are probably one of the easiest games to make, though many people do not like games without graphics. Mainly all text-based games are based on a story, puzzle, or adventure. From here you can see some free elections:
Twine is a fast and easy-to-use program in the browser.
With the help of StoryNexus and Visionaire, you can choose additional gameplay and add static photos.
Inform7 This is another powerful tool that has a very large supporting group.

2. Create a 2D game:

GameMaker and Stencyl These tools are good choices for making games of any style, and they also make available the choice to use programming. Scratch! There is another tool that lets you create a browser game

2d game
2d game

3. Trying to create 3D Games:

Creating 3D games is more challenging than 2D games, so be prepared for a long project and hard work. Spark and Game Guru tools help you to reduce your efforts to a great extent by helping you to create programming games without programming. If you know about programming or want to learn about coding, this popular game engine can use Unity.
If you want to create your own 3D models while not using the prefabricated model, you will need 3D modeling software such as 3 DS Max, Blender, or Maya.

3d games

4. Program :

Even if you are from the field of programming, you will need to use one of the tools above to create the first game, and if some things are more difficult then any other Do not stop using the way. Some people like to make them from the beginning to have full control over the game. Ideally, the game should program Eclipse in the Integrated Development Environment instead of the Text Editor, so that you can keep all the things in an accessible project.
Where you can program in any computer language of the language, C ++ language is quite popular for game programming, for this you will find a variety of game building tools and tutorials on the internet.

programming a game

Method 2.

Making games

1. Create an idea:

For your first project, create a special, and short and easy style game that gives a good start, such as a platform, or a rolling game. Before you start, you should be wondering what the game will be like and the answers to the following questions should be written to you:

What is the main (center) part of the game? It will be a game of fighting enemies, solving puzzles, or talking to other people.
How will you look while playing a game? For example, in the fight game, it will be pressing the button at the same time or it will turn from one to the other. In big games, players can change things in their own way, or about knowledge about which can be understood about something or the world.
What type of games are there? Is it scary, mysterious, entertaining, or interesting?

game idea
game idea

2. Create easy levels:

If you are using a game engine or a game-making tool for the first time, it would be good to experiment with the tool for a while. Learn how to put things like background, things, and moving objects in some place and so on. If possible, then the character is such that a player can come in contact with them, or look in the already created character list if you find anything of your work.
If you do not know how to do some work, ask about the tool’s website or search online for assistance.
Do not worry about additional lighting effects and graphics.

create easy levels
create easy levels

3. To design core gameplay, this is important:

It involves making some changes to the game software, creating other complex systems. Here are some examples:
This is making you a platform game, would you like to do your character double jump or other special work? Make changes to the height of the character jump, or you can choose a light press, or press the button, or jump differently, etc.

If you are going to play a role-playing action or a scary game in which weapons will be needed? So for this you choose two or three weapons which players can upgrade, and check them out. Try to keep the selection of weapons interesting. For example, a weapon that can target more than one enemy simultaneously. A weapon that causes more harm, or makes the enemies weak. Do not make any weapon a better choice for all the tasks unless it is too expensive.

In a dialog-based game, you would want to select any of the “branches” of the available dialog from the player. To select the correct selection to open the next dialog? Will you ask the player to find everything during the same game or will there be different levels of level completion?

4. Create some level:

Create three to five easy levels for your first game, the choice to increase your level will always be available later. Keep the design of “core gameplay” in mind. Make each level a little different from the other. You can make all these levels different in one order, or everyone, or you can separate them together and when they are done, or any of these methods will be easy for you.

The platformer usually has a rotating platform or a fast for.
In an action game, it is difficult to swing enemies, a strong enemy, or an enemy who can not beat without any particular weapon or strategy.
Puzzle games are usually based on the same type of puzzle, with increasing difficulty levels.

5. Set some goals for medium and long:

they are sometimes called “secondary mechanics” or “secondary gameplay” loops. [1] Using core gameplay technology, Like jump, the player’s points are included in the secondary gameplay, like getting things. This helps the player to achieve long-term goals, reaching at the end of the level, saving much of the upgrade, and finally completing the game.

Looking at the example, you might say that you have already added these things to the game. Make the player feel as soon as possible that there are some goals for you in this game. If a person plays for 10 minutes, he realizes nothing besides running Golias and killing enemies repeatedly & may have boredom. If he gets the first enemy and in return, he gets some coin. The player first kills the enemy, give him some cores instead, the player will realize that he now has a new goal. It be core gameplay that will attract them to the game.

6. Playtext:

Check each level multiple times, and get help from your friends and acquaintances in this task. Try to play the game in every possible way, including all those you have not even thought of, such as without any search, reaching the last boss of the game directly, or using a weak weapon to win the game. This will be a long and frustrating process, but doing so will help in finding and correcting bugs that will give a good experience for play.
Provide enough information to get players to play to check. They should be aware that they are helping in an ongoing project, and they should be mindful of the basic operating buttons.

Give the investigator a feedback form to the players so that you have all the records of the information that you can compare all the information in you. This allows you to ask questions about parts of the game that you are not sure about.
The most supportive game testers are those who do not know you personally, and do not hesitate to complain about the game.

game play text
game play text

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