How To Install A Game On PC

This article will teach you how to set up a video game on a Windows computer, either using Steam. 

1 Open Steam.  This app resembles a piece of the white machine on a blue background.

If steam is not installed on your computer, install it before continuing

1 steam app

2 If you ask, enter steam, enter your account name and password, then click Login. This will start the session on steam. You probably have to write a code that steam will send an email to the Steam account to authorize your computer.

steam installer

3 Click on the store tab This steam is located at the top of the window, you probably have to scroll down and click OK, continue to take me to the store


steam account
steam account

4 Select the game you want to buy. Daily offers, suggested games, new releases, and employee suggestions will appear on the main home page of the store. If you want to buy a game that does not appear there, type its name in the search bar at the top of the window or select the tab to select a style of game

5 Scroll down and click Add to Cart. Below this header is a green button “Buy [Name of Game]” in the center of the page

buy game from steam

6 Click Buy Buy for Yourself This is a green button that is almost located at the beginning of the page.

add game to steam cart

7 Select your payment information You can pay through PayPal or use a credit or debit card.

steam payment method

8 Buy This option is at the center of the screen. By doing this, your transaction completes and the game added to your Steam Library.

steam payment

9 Click on the Library tab This is located in the upper left part of the steam window

steam games library

10 Download your game Double

click on the name of your game in the toolbar on the left and click Accept When it appears it will start downloading the game on your computer.

purchased game in steam

11 Double click on the name of the game, when this download will end. When you finish downloading the game to your computer, double click on the name in the steam to open it. You have already successfully installed the game on your computer

purchased game in steam

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