Procedure to back up an Android phone on the Google Cloud?

To keep your important data secure you must back up your phone data to Google Cloud. Google cloud is an online file storage system which allows you to keep piles of data safely. Google Cloud platform is a public cloud service developed by Google. The Google cloud used in backing up data, computing, storage, networking, server management and provision, application development, etc. Google cloud also works as an Android cloud and helps in Android phone backup. If you want to backup Android phone via Google phone backup then check out the content below. Follow the steps to back up your Android phone:

Method of backing up standard data

Data can saved in the cloud via Android cloud backup. Follow the steps to back up your data to Google cloud:

  1. Click on “Settings” icon to open setting panel in your Android device. The setting menu provides all the important features that are required to run the phone smoothly.

    android settings
    android settings
  2. Scroll down the menu and look for “Backup and Reset” option. Tap to open it. Backup and reset option provide you options where you can enable Google Cloud Backup.

  3. If your device protected by PIN or PASSWORD then a menu will appear asking to enter your PIN/PASSWORD. If not then it will direct you to the next page.
  4. Enable “Backup My Data” and “Automatic Restore” option by swiping to the right. A color change of the pertinent switches lets you know that the functions are enabled. The change in color is generally blue or green.

    android backup and restore option
    android backup and restore option
  5. Click on “Backup Account” option. Select your email account where you want to back up the files. The email account is generally the same you use in your device. If there is no email account then you can add one by just typing it down.
  6. Tap on the back option and return to the Settings menu.
  7. Scroll down the menu and look for “Account” option. Tap on it to open. There are a number of accounts to choose from i.e., where you want to back up your data.
  8. As we have to use Google Cloud, click on the “Google” option and select your Gmail account.

    enter google account details for  backup
    enter google account details for backup
  9. Now select from the list everything you want to back up. There is a number of data options like app data, calendar, chrome, contacts, docs, drive etc.
  10. Return to the home screen of your device.
  11. The process of backing up Android phone data completed.


Method of backing up photos and videos

Follow the steps to back up photos and videos:



  1. Click on “Google Photos” icon to open it. Sign in using your email ID and password.
  2. Please Tap on three horizontal line icon and open “Settings” menu of Google Photos.
  3. Tap on “Backup & Sync” option and enable the “Backup” option.
  4. Tap on “Backup All” option to backup all your videos and photos to Google Cloud.
  5. It will take a few seconds or minutes to back up your media to Google Cloud.


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