20+ Android Widgets

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iPhone is very popular device of apple but the biggest draw back of iPhone is that it has no widgets. In this category android beats iPhone, Because in android market there are tons of widgets. Today i have featured best 20+ android widgets. I thinks these widgets make your life easy and make your android device much more useful then it was ever before. Enjoy!

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1- Tech Buzz Widget

Use this widgets and get all the latest Tech, Mobile, Android, Gadgets and Gaming News and Videos right on your Android Handset.

android-widgets1 20+ Android Widgets

2- Battery Watcher Widget

This widget shows you the current battery level and status right on your home screen.

android-widgets2 20+ Android Widgets

3- Data counter widget

This widget keep track of how much network traffic your mobile uses.

android-widgets3 20+ Android Widgets

4- Pandora Widget

Pandora Radio is your own FREE personalized radio now available as a Windows Vista sidebar gadget.

android-widgets4 20+ Android Widgets

5- Analytics Widget

Analytics widget enables you to place your google analytics data right on your home screen of your android phone.

android-widgets5 20+ Android Widgets

6- Sticky Memo Widget

Put sticky notes of all sizes on your home screen. View the contents of your notes just by looking at the home screen.

android-widgets6 20+ Android Widgets

7- Pure messenger widget

Manage multiple widgets with different configurations scrollable widget with most alternative launchers like ADW, Zeam Launcher, Go Launcher or LauncherPro 2 different widget layouts (normal with 1 full message body / list with multiple message) with multiple sizes many skins to make a fancy widget

android-widgets7 20+ Android Widgets

8- Twitter widget

A Twitter homescreen widget that updates with your most recent timeline feed. View last 20 tweets, reply to each, retweet & set your status in an instant!

android-widgets8 20+ Android Widgets

9- DigiClock Widget

Digiclock widget shows digital clock on your android home screen. Color of digi clock is adjustable, You can match the color of your clock with your wallpaper

android-widgets9 20+ Android Widgets

10- Ringer Toggle

This widget provides you 3 different toggle for the phone’s sound i.e Audio, Vibrate only and silent.

android-widgets10 20+ Android Widgets

11- Multicon Widget

Save space with this free widget that let you put more icons on your homescreen.

android-widgets11 20+ Android Widgets

12- System Info

System Info Widget gives you an easy glance at some of your critical information, such as battery percentage, uptime, free memory, processor temperature, signal strength and more!

android-widgets12 20+ Android Widgets

13- SMS Unread Count

Home widget for showing number of unread items for sms messages, missed calls and Gmail.

android-widgets13 20+ Android Widgets

14- Wifi Widget

Android default style Wifi Widget. Displays information about connection state, connected ssid, ip address, MAC address and link state.

android-widgets14 20+ Android Widgets

15- Hijri Widget and Converter

A widget to display the Hijri (Islamic) date and an app to convert between Hijri and Gregorian.

android-widgets15 20+ Android Widgets

16- Weather widgets

18 fantastic weather widgets in 3 different sizes. Widgets with and without a clock. Widget displays weather forecasts for coming periods, up to a week ahead.

android-widgets16 20+ Android Widgets

17- IP address widget

Very exciting and useful android widget which displays your IP on your homescreen.

android-widgets17 20+ Android Widgets

18- Last Call Widget

Quick dial widget that shows the last call from your call log (including name, phone number and time).

android-widgets18 20+ Android Widgets

19- Brightness widget

Controls the brightness of your android phone’s home screen.

android-widgets19 20+ Android Widgets

20- Bluetooth Widget

Bluetooth widget for the home screen, Quick access to Bluetooth settings, Updated design for Android 2.xWidget, sizes and layouts have landscape mode.

android-widgets20 20+ Android Widgets

21- Flashlight++ Widget

LED Stroboscope and flashlight widget using the built-in camera flashlight.

android-widgets21 20+ Android Widgets

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