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How to check if the computer has Bluetooth?

 There are many issues when someone starts practicing how to run a computer. There may be very basic things to know for a beginner. It may be about the functioning and malfunctioning of the PC or icons on the desktop. It may be about the keeping and storing of files in a folder. There is a huge number of problematic things. One problem may be faced by a beginner when he tries to send and receive any file or a document into or out of his computer by another smart device. Then he tries to find a Bluetooth option into his laptop. He searched a lot into his computer to achieve Bluetooth service but he becomes unable to find it. He also searched on google does my PC have Bluetooth. Here are some options for all to find or to check if the computer has a Bluetooth option or not?


How to tell if my computer has Bluetooth?

 There are many methods to check does my computer have Bluetooth or not. First of all, is to check in the search menu. In your PC, there is a search option on the lower bar. You can easily type here the word Bluetooth. If the search keyword Bluetooth appears in the list then your problem has solved. You have to just click on the keyword Bluetooth and another device setting, it will open the Bluetooth setting page for you. Now you can easily change the setting, on or off an application or send and receive any data as you want.


People also searched how do I know if my computer has Bluetooth?

 If you searching does my laptop have Bluetooth then you should follow these instructions.

computer has bluetooth

  1. Click on the window button on the left corner of your laptop.
  2. Scroll down the arrow and find the setting option in the list.
  3. Click on the setting button.
  4. A page will open in front of you, it will contain 13-15 items.
  5. You will have to seek for the keyword devices.

    windows settings page

  6. Click on the device option. It will open a new page which will have Bluetooth and other devices options.
    computer with bluetooth
  7. Here is the tab for which you searched for.

There is another simple way to check Bluetooth application on the computer.

  1. Simply, click on an upward arrow in the right lower tab.
  2. It will show some security applications and one icon will be of Bluetooth here.
  3. You have to click on term Bluetooth, it will open Bluetooth setting.

In some cases, it is observed that if your laptop has too much data and files in it, it begins hanging due to overloaded work. Due to it, Bluetooth option may not be visible for instance. Therefore, you should restart your computer or delete some unnecessary data from your computer to get a good output. Even after applying all these conditions, your PC does not show Bluetooth option, then it is cleared that Bluetooth is unavailable on your device.

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