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6 Ways to Redefine and Build a Memorable Brand

In today’s world, you need a trustworthy, strong, and memorable brand. You need a brand that will elevate your business above the digital noise and get consumers talking about your products right left and center.

“Perception is reality” is a common phrase. Do you believe in it?

We do.

We believe that our personality and professional image sets the tone and stage for how we are all perceived. Let your brand help you stick at the forefront of your customers’ minds. That way, you will have your right share of the market.

But let’s face it. Straying from the mold in order to place your business above the rest comes with its fair share of risks, of course. But as the all-time hockey legend Wayne Gretzky plainly put it: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” In this article, we discuss 6 trends that successful brands are tapping into to redefine and build a memorable Brand.

Sounds good?

Let’s dive right in…

  1. Audit the Marketplace

The first step in differentiating your company from the pack is by knowing what’s out there already. Identify who the market players are and narrow down to understanding your competitors. Check out what your competitors are doing right and where they are going wrong. By so doing, you will establish an angle that your business can leverage. Take for instance Gett’s campaign against Uber. During the campaign, Gett leveraged on Uber’s high pricing and used that premise to tailor their adverts and marketing strategy in New York City. Their strategy paid off and impressed their target customers giving them an edge in the market.


  1. Have a clear business idea

The fundamental principle in building a warm-blooded brand that truly represents your company is to create a distinct image for your company, the products or services you offer and your who your products and services are designed for. This can best be achieved by clearly defining the qualities that set you apart such as your mission statement, core philosophies, and your business values. It is also important to define your brand’s value proposition to the consumer.

Have a clear business idea

  1. Develop Your Brand’s Creative Elements

At this point, you want to establish the look, voice and feel of your brand that you will use to communicate your company activities. This will be replicated in all marketing channels: Your website, social media profiles, print media, and packaging. Choose the logo, fonts, colors, and style that reflect your brand’s visual vocabulary.


  1. Build influencer relationships

The discussion around branding is incomplete without a mention of employing an effective social media strategy. Social Media influencers play an important role in as far as building a memorable brand is concerned and thus their contribution can’t be ignored. The idea here is to build a massive number of influencer relationships. The best approach is to start small and grow the opportunities and engagements as the relationship grows.


  1. No story= No meaning

Wonder why Facebook and Twitter are known the world over?  The short version of it is that people have a natural craving for telling their story. As a matter of fact, there’s a powerful emotional connection associated with telling a story and there’s no better platform to tell your story than through the social media. That said, everything has a story behind it and so you should use your brand to tell it. Remember that your brand is the face and the metric that the public will measure you by. When deciding on a business name, choose one that evokes a story, memory or meaning. Great marketers don’t simply share brands, they tell stories. Your name should have a story behind it.

  1. Intentional use of color

When it comes to establishing a memorable brand, color plays such an undeniable role. Color is known to generate certain emotions or sentiments that can make or break a brand. The first step in understanding color is to make note of the color theory and which colors have specific effects. Technology and Finance companies, for instance, use blues and cooler tones in their branding. Health foods on the other hand use greens or earthy browns.

Wrapping it up

Whether it’s a dose of soppiness, confidence or perhaps just a friendly service, these 6 tips will help you develop a brand that creates a connection with your consumer, so that when they see it out there in the wild, it will evoke a certain emotional feeling in them that’ll bridge the distance and change the perception of it as simply being a product on the shelf.


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