how to randomize a pokemon ROM

How to randomize a Pokemon game?

 Are you fond of playing games? Then you will definitely know about the Pokemon games. It is a series of games that were first launched in Japan. There are many versions of this game. Its developer names are Game Freak who belongs to Japan. There are about 1-8 versions or generations of this game. The first version was introduced in 1996. When someone is playing this game he becomes short of some basic necessary features and facilities. It happens due to not playing well or opening of the game after a long time. Therefore you feel need to know how to randomize Pokemon game by different methods. You want a universal Pokemon randomizer in such conditions.

randomize pokemon
randomize pokemon

Pokemon universal randomizer

 This randomizer PPokemon may give you a lot of services and good experiences. It can regain the power o

f your selected Pokemon. It will also allow your Pokemon to take some new moves. It will provide an opportunity to select your Pokemon character again and many more. First of all, you cannot randomize a Pokemon game on your mobile. You will have to have a PC, an emulator, and a ROM. Then you will have to download a universal Pokemon randomizer. After it, click on the install button and your work is done. But here are some people who do not know about the next process that how to use Pokemon randomizer. Here are some guidelines for them.

pokemon universal randomizer
pokemon universal randomizer

How to use Pokemon Randomizer?

 Apply the following steps to take advantage of a universal randomizer.

  1. Firstly, you should press open to explore the randomizer.
  2. Then select those aspects or services which you would like to have in your Pokemon game.
  3. After it, just press randomizer (save) and ROM (save), to save changes.
  4. Now fill some requirements and that’s it, you are done.
pokemon randomizer
pokemon randomizer

You should do some minor tweaks while you are saving your ROM and applying universal randomizer to it. By doing so you will be able to get more chilling and pleasure experience of playing.

You should remember that for randomizing version 1-5, the process will the same justify as above but in case of six and seven generations, you have to download PK3DS randomizer application on your laptop. Then you have to apply extraction to PK3DS files and then download Pack Hack App, open it and place your all 3DS files in it. Open setup here and create a separate folder to paste all the copying files of 3DS in it. Then you have to select your ROM from PK3DS. And randomize here those services which you would like to engage. Then press saves and starts playing and enjoying.

Sometimes the universal randomizer is used to cover some difficult tasks of the game. Due to this adorable application, you can also regain your those Pokemon that were lost in caves, water and somewhere else. You are also able to retain some losing potentials and powers of your Pokemon after downloading and installing a universal Randomizer for your latest version of a game.

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