Transform Business Productivity with Phone and Software Integrations

Transform Business Productivity with Phone and Software Integrations

Do you use a business phone only to make calls? What if we tell you that a fully integrated business phone service can increase your business productivity, streamline business operations while saving you some dollars in the process?

Installing a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has many advantages for your business. Low cost outlays, flexibility in investment structure and global usability make this cloud-based phone service quite interesting. If we add in seamless business software integrations, the VoIP deal becomes even more appealing. Which business owner does not wish for enhanced business productivity?

Get the best results from your phone service by integrating it with the below software’s and solutions:

CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) helps a company to manage all its customer data. CRM helps a company organize its sales data, track customer metrics and pitch for cross sales.

When the phone system gets integrated with the CRM, the customer service can be immediately boosted. All the customer care executives have access to the sales data, customer details on demand and they can help the customer to find what they are looking for. Customer calls, chats, and other information are retained in the database and can be used to build stronger customer relationships.


Cloud Telephony

A VoIP comes hosted in office or on the cloud. Many companies okay with their data being hosted on the service provider’s servers, while others are not comfortable with it. They worry about confidential customer details, call logs, and payment information being leaked from their servers.

To deal with this situation, you can separately purchase a cloud backup service. In this service, you can backup all the data stored on the VoIP service and keep it secure and minimize the risk of loss.

mitel cloud telephony

ATS or HR Software

Most of the companies use human resources software in their companies, along with a built-in applicant tracking system or ATS. Searching for candidates, posting jobs and communicating with prospective hires can be integrated with cloud telephony.

Once you do this, your VOIP phone literally becomes a powerhouse of information. You can use your phone to pull up candidate documents, letters, background check information when you are speaking with them.

Project Management Software

Fast and prompt communication is the hallmark of effective project management. In any project, schedules and workflows clearly laid down for the team members. Any new or sudden change can offset the standard workflows considerably.

If the PMS is integrated with VoIP, all the project information, call logs, documents, worksheets get saved in the cloud that can be shared with the new project member as needed. You can notice substantial time and cost savings once you integrate both these software.


Accounting Software

Did you know that accounting software can also be integrated with VoIP? In fact, they are instrumental in allowing accounting team members to monitor and track financial transactions from their laptop or phone.

Any irregularities or amount mismatches quickly identified and promptly dealt with. You can even use the automated call feature for customers with outstanding payments and company employees in charge of external vendors payment.

accounting software

Email Software

Calls and emails monitored from the same dashboard after you integrate your emailing service with VoIP. It enables you to store all your email information and the call can be directly made from the VoIP dashboard. You can even choose to receive voicemail as email for convenience and ease of you’re your employees can even use the VoIP dashboard on the system to check and reply to voicemails.

email software
email software

Virtual Private Network

Consider using a Virtual Private Network or VPN to store all your company and customer information. Storing information directly on VoIP phone can be risky and accessible to hackers.

Not only does it keep all the information confidential but also allows a secure gateway to prevent customer data, payment details from being leaked.

Virtual Private Network

The Last Word

As a business owner, you must be using some business software and systems in your company. A VoIP phone service seamlessly integrated with the existing business software’s. Its unified communications dashboard allows management of business functions quite conveniently. Apart from saving up on costs, you can quickly see improvement in your business operations metrics.

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