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WAN Miniport

Do you know about wide area network system? Have you ever heard about WAN Miniport? Do you know different methods to connect to the internet? What alternative method do you use for this purpose? What is WAN Miniport and how to solve its driver issues? If you are searching for answers to these question this article may be helpful to you. I shat discuss the essential nature of WAN Miniport and different methods and types of Wan Miniport.

If you want an alternative network connection method in your computer windows, WAN Miniport may be the best option. It is a handy software that is used for this purpose. It enables the alternative connection in windows. Do you understand what WAN Miniport is and how to solve different issues and glitches?


It is a driver that makes it possible to get an alternative connection in windows XP and other versions of windows. It may include point to point protocol over Ethernet and WaN set up. In the registration process, WAN Miniport identifies itself.

WAN Miniport has two types;


All the newer and older models of operating systems support NDIS WAN. Network adapter cards are used to manage the transfer of data. It helps transfer data to and from computers.


It is supported only by recent versions of the Operating system. It is a more significant and newer function. You may control WAN data communications through CoNDIS WAN.

If you want a smooth and uninterrupted internet connection, you need to update your WAN Miniport driver. It should be kept up to date for this purpose.

How to resolve WAN Miniport driver issues?

The users face some driver issues when having WAN Miniport. There are connection interruptions and some other problems. You can surely resolve this if you do according to instructions. You need to update WAN Miniport driver. But how to update it? There are two methods to update WAN Miniport driver on Windows 10 and some other versions

Manual Updating

You can update and download WAN Miniport manually. It is done through Windows Update Service. You should connect your computer to the internet first. Then follow these steps;

  • For manual updating first press Windows logo key plus R with your keyboard, it will summon run box. After this, you need to type devmgmt.msc to get  device manager then click on network adapters
    windows device manager window
    windows device manager window

    network adapters
    network adapters
  • Then right-click on WAN Miniport. Afterward, you need to choose an updated driver. Then select automatically for updated driver software. Then do according to instruction that you see on screen to update your WAN Miniport.
    wan miniport
    wan miniport

    wan miniport update driver
    wan miniport update driver
  • If you have more than one WAN Miniport listed, you should repeat this process for each device. If there is a problem and you are not able to connect to the internet, you should use the second method.

Automatic Update

You need to have the expertise for updating it. It takes your time and effort. You should know different steps for the manual updating process. Another option for updating is an automatic method. There are various tools for this route. This tool can update all drivers on your computer in an automated way, and you save your time and energy. It prevents device conflicts and ensures smooth update operation. You need not much knowledge about this method.

WAN Miniport ikev2

IKev2 protocol has gained popularity during the past few years. Especially it is popular with mobile users. It is no doubt an efficient and secure protocol. It a newer version of the VPN encryption protocol that is used to handle requests and response actions. It ensures safe traffic through the security association’s attributes. It works within an authentication suite, IPSec. IKEv2 is based on this and is built into it. Microsoft, in association with Cisco, developed this protocol. IKEv1 is its older version. IKEV2 has surely some plus points. It is secure and fast. It supports different high-end ciphers. It quickly resists network changes. It is available on Blackberry devices by default and may be installed on other devices too.

How to remove WAN Miniport

Instructions are as under;

Open network adapters in the device manager. Select WAN Miniport and disable it. Right-click on window start. Select Regedit and click enter. Then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet>Control> Class>{4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}

Export and save it. After it restarts your device in safe mode, open device manager again and uninstalls all mini ports, now you should restart your computer again. And it’s disabled.

How to disable and enable WAN mini ports adapters?

Follow these instructions for the purpose.

  1. Open start > control panel> network.
  2. Go to the network sharing center. After it searches change adapter setting in the left-hand column.
  3. Click on local area connection and choose disable.

These are instructions to disable wan Miniport adapters. In the same way, you may enable them by choosing to allow. Follow other steps, as mentioned above.

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