This is a term that means literally “Lolita complex”. It is the attraction to young or prepubescent girls, in some cases. However, it can refer to the Japanese anime and manga genre that involves female “erotic-cute” characters. Lolicon can also refer to a sexual preference focused on the attraction to female characters between 8-19 years old from the anime or manga’s stories.lolita complex

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What is lolicon?

Outside Japan and anime lover’s communities, the term “lolicon” is not commonly seen. But, there is a similar term that is related to the Vladimir Nabokov book known as Lolita, which a middle-aged man becomes sexually possess with a 12-year-old girl.

Many countries, including Japan, have regulated the explicit content that includes children or childlike characters. In the United Kingdom is illegal to possess lolicon content. Parents and citizens groups around the world are supporting these regulations, in order to push the Japanese government to control lolicon manga and other similar media.

Is lolicon illegal?

In many countries, lolicon as the literary genre is illegal. It also depends on what kind of “lolicon” you are referring to. It is the term used to “real child pornography”. In this case, it is not legal in practically any place of the world.

The legal status of lolicon content has changed several times. There are people that believe that lolicon should not be compared or equated to pornographic or adults’ videos. It represents artificial sexuality and it does not have a real or literal sense. Furthermore, the ages of the characters are not mostly defined but they can be considered “erotic-cute”.

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Many parents do not allow their children to watch it’s content because regulations are not clear, yet. The recommendation is to control and check what your children are watching, but it is obvious that lolicon is not the only threat. Some people think that these characters have created stereotyped women and men.

When people talk about the Japanese genre and the attraction to a lovely, erotic-cute character, it is controversial. Lolicon becomes illegal when people confuse the reality with the fantasy. Many types of research on this topic have been done. Lolicon fans had said that they attracted to an aesthetic of cuteness than the age of characters with fantasies disconnected from society and reality.

The reality is that people choose what to watch and what to think. It is a Japanese expression, a genre that has been banned in many countries for its content.

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