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Web Companion

A web companion is a software installed in your device with another program at the same moment. Sometimes, you can uncheck or decline the installation, and they may or may not have done any good anyway. Free versions of programs tend to include web companion software that can infect your computer. However, Web companion is not a virus.

Web companion characteristics

Many times users have been annoying because of web companions. Sometimes automatically installed and can harmful to your computer. In addition, this kind of malware can take space of the memory of your computer.lavasoft web companion

Lavasoft web companion tried to protect your device from Internet suffers and malicious websites, data tracking, phishing scams, and advertisements.  Sounds like perfection but this is too good to be true. What the mindless users or customers need to face for the price of the promised “secure browsing” is browser hijacking, cunning installation, and advertising tracking.

Some people affirm that is dangerous to install them. This software usually is malware and sometimes, people have trouble uninstalling it. What these people recommend is to read carefully at the moment you are installing a program and make sure you can uncheck any WebCompanion software that pretends to be installed.ad aware web companion

It’s not an anti-virus itself, but it is an extra product that works simultaneously with other anti-viruses. The major quantity of reliable antiviruses makes web companion as malicious. Web Companion Ad Aware works on the three most famous browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

How to remove Web companion software?

If you allowed it into your system accidentally or did it voluntarily because you thought it will useful and helpful, please read this:

The traditional web companionway to remove programs:

  1. Click the “Start” bottom on your device to amplify the menu.
  2. Click on Control Panel.
  3. Double click on Add or Remove Programs, select Programs option, and then click on Programs and Features.
  4. Select “Web Companion” from the list and then click “Uninstall” (The list mostly ordered alphabetically).
  5. It is going to appear in a box. Specify the application uninstallation settings, choose a language, check or uncheck the “restore my browser homepage settings”.
  6. When the previous step is ready, click “Remove” to proceed.
  7. Affirm all the times that you want to uninstall web companion, and click “Close”

If these steps do not work, your computer needs specialized attention.

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