The world has already seen two world wars and both resulted in bloodshed, misery, and debts. The first one started in 1914 and lasted 4 years, 3 months and 2 weeks. It ended with peace treaties as the treaty of Versailles. The World War II started in 1939. It ended in 1945 with Allied Victory and the collapse of Nazi Germany. Is it possible a WW3 upload?

what is ww3
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What is WW3 and who would start it?

WW3 means 3rd World War. This is the name given to the hypothetic worldwide war event or a third extensive military argument subsequent to 1st World War (WW1) and 2nd World War (WW2). These terms have been in use since 1941 approximately. The WW3 characterized by the development and use of nuclear weapons and technology. Many countries could trigger World War III and it is obvious the potential risk of nuclear devastation Earth´s civilization and lifestyle. Biological warfare also considered. Nowadays, it is well known that the most powerful countries invest big amounts of money on technology and weapons. The WW3 could this high-scale apocalyptic event that can make the world we know inhabitable.

The landscape of foreign policy is dark in present days. There is no agreement between the most powerful countries of the world. Just in the first semester of 2018 have occurred many events that only threaten international peace and security.

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In this year, many situations and attacks around the world have happened. Some people affirm we are already living WW3 because of the big amount of peace out the situation that the world has seen in these last years. Many countries are fighting for power and legitimation. Which country could trigger WW3? According to the events, these countries are likely to start the next World War.

  • North Korea: The dictatorial government of this country threats the world we know. They make and store nuclear weapons and material that could be harmful to the humanity. North Korea is not afraid. They want to show to the world how powerful they are by destroying those countries and governments that do not support their strategies and politics.
  • Iraq and Syria or the Islamic State (ISIS): ISIS is not a physical State but their belief is radical. Their mission is to kill all the people with different beliefs. For them, Islam is the only way.
ww3 update
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Other countries that could trigger WW3 are:

  • Russia
  • China
  • The United States of America (USA)

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