How to solve network problems on mobile?

Do you face network problems? How to resolve network problems? Do you face network problems even if there are full signals? Are you searching for ways to fix it? In this article, I shall discuss mobile network problems and tell about methods to fix such glitches. I shall tell details about reasons for such issues and how to fix these reasons. Mobile networks suffer from signals and other problems. The only straightforward way to get rid of these problems is to troubleshoot these issues.

Signal problems

It depends on your location, how better are your network signals. Some service providers offer the best 4G coverage, and some offer 3G. It is a fact that some models of mobile phones pick up better signs, and some have less signal strength. So the signal problems with your mobile phone are related to two factors. No 1 is the service provider’s capability to have strong signals, and no 2 is the model of your mobile phone.

You should do research on the cellular signals strength and the company which has the best cellular signals in your area. Also, assess mobile phone models. You should always keep your mobile phones updated. The latest software and firmware should be installed on your mobile phone.

Always check for the most recent updates. Software and firmware glitches lead to network problems. A simple trick for troubleshooting the problem is to disable mobile data from your phone and then enable it. After refreshing, your mobile phone will search for the best signals in your area.


It’s the quality of your mobile phones to be configured as a WI-FI hotspot. Almost, all modern smartphones support tethering, but sometimes it is not supported by default. Service providers charge extra charges or limit their usage. In both cases, you should check your phone for tethering. If it’s not working, restart your phone and then try tethering.

Tethering signals
Tethering signals

Using much data

You subscribe data plan that is limited to per day usage or month makes it. You consume this data in a few hours because modern apps are so. Tethering also leads to some problems. You should set up monitoring that may alert you about exceeding the limit. Then You may also track your data for this purpose. You can convert your mobile to WI_FI connection so that you limit the reliance on mobile data.

WI-FI disconnects

Your mobile phone may often lose its connection to wi-fi and lose wireless access points. You face this problem when carried outside wi-fi signals. Your mobile app sometimes automatically turns to a cellular connection. Sometimes it stops running on both connections, which depends on your device data setting. Though you cannot prevent all this. But you may limit disconnects. Carefully position your wireless router. Maintain a reliable wi-fi connection. These are the reasons for your mobile data disconnections. Now, What should we do? Here is the detail about setting your mobile to fix it.

wifi disconnects
wifi disconnects

How to avoid signal problems?

Here are suggestions common for all devices to avoid mobile network problems.

Turn off airplane mode

Find airplane mode in your phone setting, and turn it off. Sometimes due to overheating or other problems it doesn’t catch signals for this purpose remove the battery from your mobile and insert a new one. Then restart your mobile phone. You will not receive this message now. You may also power off your set and then remove your battery and SIM card. Wait for a few minutes. Then power on your mobile, and it will work properly.

Find your phone network automatically

You should set your mobile phone to find your mobile networks automatically. Go to setting and reset it according to your mobile model.

Test Radio signals

If it is not fixed, your mobile messages may not broadcast properly. You may open testing by dialing *#*#4636#*#*. When you see the menu, choose your phone information and run the test. Now select GSM AUTO PRL from the drop-down list. Turn off the radio and restart your mobile phone.

Factory reset

There is another option to strengthen mobile phone signals. Update your mobile to factory setting. Also, update your mobile software to the latest version.

Data connectivity problems for Android phones

Follow the below steps in your android sets to resolve network problems.

  1. Scroll to setting and then to wi-fi.
  2. Turn wi-fi on if it’s not already done so.
  3. Now connect your mobile to wi-fi.
  4. Make sure you have a wi-fi password.
  5. Simply Turn airplane mode off.
  6. Turn mobile data off and then again turn it on.
  7. Turn roaming network to sprint only.
  8. In system updates setting, Update PRL.
  9. You must update the profile also; it will reboot your device.
  10. Now launch Chrome or another browser to test it.
  11. You will surely find a network problem solution.

How to solve network problems in Motorola mobiles

You may get a network problem solution for Motorola mobile handsets. For this purpose, you must follow the instructions as given below.

Scroll to setting and slide wi-fi on. Sometimes it is set to off. Connect your set to a wi-fi network. If it is not already connected, you must search for a system and connect to it. In setting, go to more and turn airplane mode off. Toggle mobile data off and then again on in setting and mobile data — Update PRL in system updates under the setting. Now test your network by launching a browser.

Resolve Network problems in Apple mobiles

You may resolve network problems and signal problems in the Apple iPhone also. This process for this is almost the same as stated above. You need to go to setting and turn airplane mode off. Similarly, turn off, don’t disturb and automatic search for the mobile data network. In the phone setting, you must do a network setting. In general, setting set your network setting to automatic. Turn on your mobile data and enable 3G/4G. In this way, you may get rid of connection problems.

Network problems in Apple mobiles
Network problems in Apple mobiles


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