Many times we find errors in any of the applications or operating systems that we use. No matter how much you know about computers, there are things that we simply can’t solve on our own. That’s why today we bring you this guide to solve the very annoying err_connection_refused, error that appears when we try to access different websites using the Google Chrome browser. In this guide, we will give you some of the various solutions to solve it.

How to fix the err_connection_refusederr_connection refused

Before proceeding with the solutions, it is necessary to understand why this very annoying error appears in Google Chrome. The different causes for the err connection refused are:

  • The site could be down temporarily or permanently: sometimes, there are problems with the servers that host the websites, either due to an electrical fault or for some other reason. This could generate the error. There are also sites that close permanently, for one reason or another.
  • Some failure with your internet connection: sometimes it is not the website, but some bad configuration or internet connection.
  • The site is blocked by a Firewall: If you have a firewall enabled and it has blocked the site, the err_connection_refused error may appear.
  • The cache memory: maybe there is an error with the data recorded in the history and the cache memory of the browser.

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If one or more of these options are met, then the error will appear. But do not worry, we present you with the solutions.

Solutions to err_connection_refused on Chrome

Since the reasons why the error can occur are different, we will show you the different and possible solutions.

  1. Check your internet connection. Restart your modem and router, as well as your pc. Check if you can access other web pages to discard that the problem is not connection.
  2. Go to the options of your Firewall and check if the web page you are trying to access is blocked. If so, remove it from the list of blocked sites.
  3. Clear the cookies and the cache. In Google Chrome, go to Settings and look for advanced settings. Once there, select “Clear Browsing Data”. Select the “All time” option and then click on “Clear data”. This deletes the history, the cache memory and the cookies.
  4. Using the command console: Using the command console it is possible to eliminate the error. Open the console and write the following commands in order.





Netsh int tip set dns

Netsh winsock reset

Restart your computer and open the browser to confirm that the error is no longer there.

  1. You will need to change you DNS Address. This option works if for some reason your DNS address was changed. To do this, follow the steps below:

Go to the Network icon, press right click and select the “Open Network and Sharing Center” option. You can also access from the control panel.

Click on the “Change Adapter Settings” option

Here you will need to identify your current network and right-click on it and then click on Properties.

Look for the IPV4 option, click on it (not the check box) and hit Properties

Now add the proper DNS. It is usually in Preferred and in Alternate. Click Ok

And that’s it. Those are all possible solutions for the err_connection_refused.

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