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WhatsApp Web

Most of us use on our Smartphones the WhatsApp and there are times that we wish to make use of a computer for the instant messaging platform, WhatsApp Web is aimed to help and it helps accessing the WhatsApp through the web browser. This feature can we use for WhatsApp for PC and Laptop as well.

D you know how to use WhatsApp web on the desktop?  It is a WhatsApp New Feature, there is an option that allows using from the desktop WhatsApp and this can be done by downloading the platform without a browser via the Microsoft Store or Apple App Store. Bear in mind the WhatsApp can be installed on Windows computer if the operating system is Mac OSX 10.9 or maybe the newer version or in Windows 8.1. You also can download the app:whatsapp web

You may install on 8.1+ Windows following these steps:

  • Open on your PC on any internet browser, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, …
  • Copy paste the URL
  • Click for Windows 64-Bit and download
  • On completing the download, open WhatsApp.exe
  • Wait to install WhatsApp on your computer
  • Once the installation is complete you may see a QR code on your PC screen.
  • Open WhatsApp on the Smartphone and visit the WhatsApp Web.
  • Finally, login by scanning the QR code


You may install on Mac OSX 10.9+ following these steps:

  • Open on your PC on any internet browser Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge
  • Copy paste the URL
  • Click for Mac OS X 10.9 or higher on download
  • On completing the download, open to run the zip file.
  • With the first installation, the application will prompt if you like to add WhatsApp to the desktop dock and your Applications folder.
  • Once the install is over, launch on your computer WhatsApp and scan to log in the QR code.
  • Alternatively, download and install through the Apple App Store.

There are all possibilities to use the on mobile by following the browser link, on clicking the link that appears on the page. Once this is done, the Whatsapp appearing on your phone can be opened and you can see 3 dots, click on them and select whatsappweb.once as you click WhatsApp web and immediately scan the QR Code using your phone and you will notice the Whatsapp is connected to the web. Thus, you can use WhatsApp easily on the web. on mobile
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There are some apps that you can use so that you make use of Whatsapp web on your mobile. This is a preferred choice for Android phones and is widely used.  (WhatsWeb – WebLite version for Whatsapp – Android Apps on Google Play ) owing to some reasons as mentioned below:

  • It features a fingerprint lock or password feature protecting the conversations.

The same goes for ios: Messenger for WhatsApp – iPad Chat Version on the App Store

WhatsApp web is a well-known app for the desktop versions. However, though you can download as desktop versions of thee WhatsApp application, you also need the mobile in association with the internet connection.

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