what is qanon

Know about Qanan, Slender man

The Qanon conspiracy theory is one of the most prominent theories. The theory came in the forefront since October 2017 but the anonymous image board of the q a non 4chan. The theory basically designed for that on the information regarding the administration of trump and the opponent states. The conspiracy theory details against the supporters of Donald Trump and him. Apart from him, other celebrities also accused to be involved in this. They were considered involved in child sex trafficking Trump and even more.

what is qanon
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Qanon Posts:

There are a number of qanon posts and moreover you can get access to the qanan YouTube posts too. Most people are concerned about what is qanan story. The story created and made to spread by a number of people. Based on the comprehension and unseen forces evaluated for better convenience. The cause of common purpose for the all the Americans. Although it made to make better, but it ended up making Americans helpless.  Many faceless power were stalking them and keeping a check on them. Even the private lives of the people closely monitored.

what is qanon
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What is the story of Slender Man?

Apart from the qanon posts today, there are stories related to the Slender Man too. As per the story of Slender Man, an entity keeps on stalking the victim for many years. However, eventually after stalking, the people are attacked by using the paranoia and fear. This however leads to them become insane. Many rumours have stated that Slender Man can damage the mental health of the people and eventually cause the people to become their mental slaves. These causes the mental slaves  known as proxies. Many consider slender Man to have a human-like figure but the actual picture cannot be easily recognized. Many are of the belief that slender Man uses the process of electronic interference. This completely relates to what is q a non.

what is qanon
Image source : Medium.com

Why do these stories gain so much popularity?

The belief in these stories have tend to increase in the last few decades. This increase however occurred due to the introduction of various communication platforms. The influence of various events have caused different scenarios. The people however affected mentally as well as socially. Basically, the people  driven to insanity and become confused and anxious. Moreover, they become divided from each other.

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